Grumpy cat freed from wall by firefighters looks incredibly unimpressed with rescue effort

The cat wasn't that chuffed to be free, clearly
The cat wasn't that chuffed to be free, clearly -Credit:No credit

A cat chiselled from inside a wall by firefighters looked incredibly unimpressed with the rescue operation.

The miserable mog had managed to get itself rammed stuck between two walls in Preston earlier this week. A hilarious photo of the freed feline has since gone viral on social media, with people joking that he 'does not look thankful' to have been rescued.

One person commented: "That cats face is cracking me up, does not look thankful at all."

Another joked: "If that cat was a dog, it would be licking the fireman's face off. The cat is thinking it's only those gloves that are stopping me chewing his hand off."


Another commented: "He doesn't seem to have wanted to be rescued."

A Lancashire Fire and Rescue spokesperson even said that cats 'always like to keep the crew on their toes.'

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"He doesn't seem to have wanted to be rescued" -Credit:No credit

They said: "Our crews from Preston safely rescued this curious cat from their tight squeeze earlier this week. They found themselves stuck between two walls and our firefighters carefully chiselled them out safe and sound."

"Cats always like to keep us on our toes."