Quiz! Can you guess these 15 countries from just three clues?

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Quiz! Can you guess these 15 countries from just three clues?

So the idea here is simple: we give you three clues about a country (they’re all in the question, along with the odd hidden clue in the way we’ve phrased them).

Then all you have to do is guess which country we’re talking about, out of four possible options.

Simple, right?

Well, it is to begin with, with a few low-hanging fruit with well-known countries and some fairly obvious facts about them.

But once you’ve got through a few questions, you’ll find yourself up against some questions that are by no means easy.

Do you know where the ‘Jacaranda City’ is? Do you know which country was divided in two between 1954 and 1975?

If so, you might have the geography chops to tackle our quiz. Try your luck below!

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