Guinea pig abandoned at Canning Town London Underground station with heartbreaking note

The guinea pig found at Canning Town (RSPCA)
The guinea pig found at Canning Town (RSPCA)

A pet guinea pig has been rescued by the RSPCA after being left at Canning Town Underground station with a note reading ‘I need a new owner’.

The lone male rodent was found outside the east London Tube stop on February 18 and was taken to an animal welfare centre.

The RSCPA has said the pig is aged around six months to one year and in good health, despite being left in a box.

Shahnaz Ahmad, an RSPCA inspector, said: “He seemed healthy and well cared for.

“It's very sad that someone has abandoned their pet in this way.

“We encourage people to reach out to local animal welfare charities for help with pet care, rather than leaving them in a vulnerable situation like this.”

The note found left on the box containing the guinea pig (RSCPA)
The note found left on the box containing the guinea pig (RSCPA)

Guinea pigs are sociable animals and do not thrive when kept in isolation but it is understood that the tufty-haired animal was by itself.

The animals can live for around eight years and have also been known to share hutches with rabbits, although this arrangement is discouraged.

The RSCPA has named the animal ‘Discopig’ and it will be available for adoption soon along with a companion.

Ms Ahmad added: “A guinea pig can develop abnormal behaviour and may suffer if they are left without company.

“Abandoning pets in such a manner is an incredibly cruel thing to do and never the answer.”

The RSPCA’s help line can be contacted on 0300 123 8018.