Gun-toting brother of ex Hearts loan star behind bars for dealing cocaine, ripping off war veteran and taunting police

The brother of former Hearts loan star Garang Kuol has been jailed after being found guilty of a wild crime spree.

Kuol Mawien Kuol is behind bars Down Under following his conviction for dealing cocaine to undercover police officers, ripping off a World War II veteran, using counterfeit money and going on the run from cops. He skipped bail nearly two years ago when on fraud charges, which included the scam to defraud the war vet whilst working for National Australia Bank.

He previously acted as brother Kuol's manager. The Socceroos start spent the second part of the 2022/23 Premiership season on loan at Tynecastle from Newcastle United, following a January switch from Central Coast Mariners. And it has emerged that Kuol Mawien impersonated his famous sibling by using his driving licence. His spree also included having rocks of cocaine found in his home.He's now banged up in Victoria's Ravenhall Correctional Centre after being tracked down to a Sydney casino.

That in itself was a breach of Kuol's bail conditions, which prohibited him from leaving the state of Victoria. Whilst on the lam, another Sudanese_Australian signed in on bail pretending to be Kuol at a Melbourne police station.

He then took to social media to troll police when they finally realised what was happening, accusing them to nicking $120,000 dollars from him. Whilst working in a bank however, Kuol was the cash thief, swindling customers - mostly in their 70s and 80s and included the war veteran - of nearly $63,000.

Garang Kuol
Garang Kuol -Credit:SNS Group

Other offences included driving without a licence while on bail to meet a man in order to buy a Playstation 5 console. Kuol then attempted to pay using 13 fake $100 notes. He was found two weeks later in bed at his parent's home in possession of two iPhones and cannabis.

He was arrested for speeding in December 2020 and produced brother garang's driving licence. In March 2021, he unwittingly tried to sell cocaine to police officers via social media app Wickr.