‘Gutfeld!’ Defends Trump NATO Comments, Agrees ‘Euro Deadbeats’ Should Pay Up: ‘We’re Not Your Daddy’

Greg Gutfeld and his Fox News late-night crew, fluent in Trump-speak, recognized the negotiating tactic in the former president’s comments about a hypothetical in which Russia attacks a NATO ally delinquent on paying membership dues. They also spotted “a new Russia hoax” in the media.

Trump said during a Saturday rally in South Carolina that an unnamed leader of a “large” NATO nation once asked him a theoretical: If they were attacked while in arrears, would the U.S. defend them? Trump said no – and that in this abstract example, he’d encourage the aggressor to “do whatever the hell they want … you gotta pay your bills.”

Commentators and headlines across the spectrum widely presented those statements as Trump openly provoking more immediate Kremlin aggression, inculding MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski, who kicked off Monday’s “Morning Joe” by stating flatly that Trump “is encouraging Russia to attack our NATO allies.” Other examples abound.

“When Trump says America should get paid, the media hears Russia should invade,” Gutfeld said in trademark rhyming opening-line on Monday night. “The media may have found a new Russia hoax.”

“The media claims he is saying Russia should invade more countries,” Gutfeld continued. “If we protect you, and you don’t pay, where is the incentive for you to pay?”

The NATO alliance is funded by member countries who are expected to pay 2% of their total GDP annually. In his first term, Trump made an issue of what he called an unfair imbalance, saying the U.S. was upholding its part of the bargain while certain European countries were not.

“Enough with us protecting Euro deadbeats,” Gutfeld said. “A deal is a deal.”

But beyond the issue itself, the “Gutfeld!” gang rolled their collective eyes at the media, willfully or not, misinterpreting the intent of Trump’s comments.

“Typical media. They have done this before,” Gutfeld said. “Trump says, ‘Let’s buy Greenland, drink bleach and Nazis are fine people.’ At least some will be admitting how these hoaxes duped them.”

Watch the entire exchange in the video above.

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