Gwen Stefani reveals one of her old songs makes her 'throw up'

Gwen Stefani feels physically ill when she thinks about one of her old songs.

The Don't Speak singer revealed she can barely tolerate listening to some of her older music, with certain songs bringing up difficult memories.

"I can't listen to a lot of the songs because they speak so clearly to me," Gwen, 54, told the Audacy Check-In podcast. "And it's like, you know, you have regrets, you have mistakes you've made. And most of the songs are about that."

One song in particular, she added, was so laden with emotional weight that she literally cannot sing it anymore.

"If I do Ex-Girlfriend, even when I say it, I almost throw up in my mouth," Gwen admitted. "Just knowing exactly where I was in that moment to write that song and what I know now? It's just like, 'Oh, my God.' It just brings you right back."

Gwen has previously said Ex-Girlfriend, a 2000 release from her former band No Doubt, was about her boyfriend at the time, Gavin Rossdale, 58. The pair later wed and had three sons, before divorcing in 2016.

She married country singer Blake Shelton, 47, in 2021 after six years of dating.