Gwyneth Paltrow awarded $1 but won't recover legal fees in ski crash lawsuit

Gwyneth Paltrow will receive $1 after successfully defending herself against a lawsuit over a ski crash in 2016, but won't recover any legal fees, a final judgment has stated.

The Hollywood actress won the civil court case last month against retired optometrist, Terry Sanderson, who alleged she had collided with him at a Utah ski resort in 2016.

Mr Sanderson, 76, sued her for $300,000 (£242,000), saying the 2016 collision on the slopes of Utah left him with several broken ribs and severe brain injuries. Paltrow countersued for $1 claiming he was at fault.

A unanimous jury found Mr Sanderson was "100%" at fault for the accident after the two-week trial, and Paltrow was awarded the symbolic dollar.

However, the Oscar-winning star will not receive any further legal costs, US judge Kent Holmberg ruled.

The final judgment read: "The parties have stipulated that Ms Paltrow will agree not to seek recovery of her attorneys' fees and costs, and the plaintiff agrees not to appeal the verdict or file any post-verdict motions."

Shortly following the verdict, Paltrow said she was "pleased with the outcome" of the trial.

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In a statement posted to her Instagram story she said she felt that "acquiescing to a false claim compromised my integrity", and thanked jurors for their "thoughtfulness" in handling the case.