Gyles Brandreth says he blames himself for death of Rod Hull

This Morning’s Gyles Brandreth has said he blames himself for the death of Rod Hull, the entertainer who fell to his death as he was trying to adjust the TV aerial on the roof of his home.

Hull, famous for his antics with his puppet Emu, tumbled from a ladder outside his bungalow in Winchelsea, East Sussex, in 1999.

The 63-year-old was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital with a coroner later recording a verdict of accidental death.

Speaking to John Cleese on the latest episode of his Rosebud podcast, Brandreth said: “I killed a man. It was Rod Hull, the emu man.”

The 76-year-old former GMB presenter revealed that Hull had been complaining to him about his awful TV connection and he “encouraged” him to “get a ladder” and climb on the roof.

Brandreth said he feels responsible for his friend’s death after he took his advice while watching a Champions League match between Manchester United and Inter Milan, at half-time.

He explained how he had been at the theatre with Hull on the day of his death, a day he said was struck by “terrible, terrible weather”.

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Rod Hull and Emu (Archive/PA)

Brandreth added: “He was sitting next to me, and he was complaining all through the show – he was interrupting the show almost – going on about how he wanted to get home because he wanted to watch the football, but his Sky aerial wasn’t transmitting properly.

“And I said, ‘Don’t moan about it, if you want to watch the television get a ladder out, climb on to the roof, and fix it Rod’.

“And after the show, in this stormy weather, he went home, he got out a ladder, he climbed the ladder, and he tried to fix the aerial.

“Unfortunately the wind was very great and he fell backwards off the ladder and killed himself.

“So I wasn’t actually there, but I’d encouraged him.”