Gym lad put in awkward position as female friend squats in front of him

TikTok user TT has shared a video of her gym buddy Austin desperately trying not to 'get caught' admiring her physique
-Credit: (Image: TikTok)

A woman has highlighted the awkward moments her male gym buddy experiences, having to keep his eyes glued to the ceiling to avoid "getting caught" ogling during their workouts.

TT and Austin, who are both fitness buffs, regularly share clips of their joint workout sessions on TikTok. In a recent video, they've drawn attention to how the positioning of gym equipment can lead to some uncomfortable situations.

The footage shows TT performing a squatting weightlifting exercise while Austin, stationed behind her, is using a Lat pulldown machine. Due to the unfortunate setup, if Austin were to look straight ahead, he'd inadvertently catch a glimpse of TT's rear.


With a touch of humour, TT captioned the video: "Bro didn't want to get caught in 4K," adding "Guy staring at the ceiling [because] whoever placed these machines at my gym has zero chill."

The clip quickly went viral, racking up over 8 million views, with many TikTok users commenting on similar experiences of awkward gym layouts., the Mirror reports. One sympathised, writing, "This is so real," and mentioned encountering a comparable arrangement at their own gym.

Another recounted a personal story: "My husband has straight up changed his workout routine when women get on machines in front of him. One time he left bc the same girl kept on following him."

And a third added their voice: "My gym is the same way basically anywhere you doing any motion of squat or something the bench is literally right there."

One concerned individual voiced their anxiety, commenting: "I always worry that I'm gonna accidentally stare at people, cause I am anxious and will look at anything that I see move."

Meanwhile, others praised Austin for his considerate behaviour, with one fan noting, "He's trying his best to be respectful! " and another showing support with the remark, "He's got my respect."

Comments of affection also poured in, as someone warmly said, "Bless his stressed out little heart," and another concurred, adding insight to his discomfort: "Bro wasn't just sweating cos of the gym, he was defo stressed."