Hacking: Six Charities To Share Milly's £1m

David Bowden, senior news correspondent

Six charities will share a £1m donation from Rupert Murdoch as part of the settlement agreed with the family of Milly Dowler after the News Of The World allegedly hacked her phone.

Sky News has learned that half the money will go to children's hospice Shooting Star CHASE , which is close to the murdered schoolgirl's family home in Surrey.

The remainder is going to a handful of other good causes associated with Milly.

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust , named after the London estate agent who disappeared 25 years ago and who is presumed dead, will receive £100,000.

Another £100,000 will go to Child Victims Of Crime and £100,000 more to Cancer Research.

Brain Tumour UK will receive £100,000 with the remaining cash going to Milly's local swimming pool, the Hampton Pool Trust .

A spokesman for the pool told Sky News: "The donation will have a huge impact on the services we provide to the community.

"We're aware that it is being made in memory of Milly and we are determined to ensure that the money is invested in a fitting way."

The Dowler family's lawyer, Mark Lewis, said: "It was made clear from the outset that any money received for Milly Dowler would go to charity."

News International agreed the payout after Milly's family met Rupert Murdoch earlier this year. He said he was "appalled" at what had happened and apologised unreservedly.

None of the charities has yet received the money but all the paperwork is in place and the payout is imminent.

Mr Lewis said all the beneficiaries have some link to Milly herself.

"The donation to Cancer Research and the brain tumour charity are because her Godfather, unfortunately, died as a very young man from a brain tumour."

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust helped the family when Milly disappeared, and she used to swim at the Hampton Pool.

The Hospice and Child Victims Of Crime clearly reflects the fact that Milly was just a child herself when she was murdered. She was just 13.

Former Bouncer Levi Bellfield is serving life for her murder.