'I had all day session with Alan Brazil – I couldn’t believe my eyes when I arrived'

talkSport presenter Alan Brazil posing with a drink
talkSport presenter Alan Brazil posing with a drink -Credit:@alanbrazil/Twitter

Motorsport icon Eddie Jordan has shared a tale of a lively day out with talkSPORT favourite, Alan Brazil.

The former Scotland international, 64, is well-known to radio listeners as the host of the Breakfast Show. Since joining in 2000, Brazil's jovial take on the main sports topics of the day has become a routine aspect in the lives of many sports fans

Outside of his broadcast career, ex-Manchester United forward Brazil is famous for his passion for horse racing and his boozy outings with fellow pundits. In a chat with Eddie Jordan, the Formula One legend reminisced about a time when he met up with Brazil at a pub during the Cheltenham Festival and was taken aback by the presenter's first order.

"We decided we'd meet up at about 11 o'clock, which is quite early for a horse race in Cheltenham," Jordan recounted on his Formula for Success podcast. "We commandeered this table in the middle of Cheltenham.

"I saw this table was 16, 18 pints of Guinness, all freshly pulled and it looked absolutely majestic. And I'm saying, 'Alan have you got a lot of pals coming? '" Interrupting Jordan's story, Brazil responded: "It was like a Monet painting, wasn't it? ",

The F1 legend went on: "The Monet painting soon disappeared because he consumed most of them. He said to me, 'No, I don't have any friends, they're for us.'" Explaining his decision, Brazil clarified: "That's before the rush comes in. "".

Eddie Jordan before qualifying at the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix
Eddie Jordan before qualifying at the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix -Credit:Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Listening to the tale was Jordan's co-host and former racing driver David Coulthard, who responded: "[Jordan's] not used to buying drink, you see. He's used to people supplying it." This prompted a retort from Brazil: "Funny you should say that, I don't think he bought that day," with Jordan chuckling, "Actually, I probably didn't!"

Brazil's love for Cheltenham and tendency to turn up late have long been a source of amusement on his talkSPORT show. When he failed to show up for work on the last day of the Cheltenham Festival in March, speculation was rife after he was seen at a bar the day before, but he swiftly dismissed the claims.

"There was no massive drinks bender," he explained to the Daily Mail. "I was just tired after coming down here on Sunday. It's been a long week. Also my knee is playing up after a lot of walking about. There's a lot of walking about needs done here with so many people to meet."