'I had the happiest time ever': K-pop It Girls IVE finish European tour at London’s O2 Arena

IVE ended their tour in London at the weekend credit:Bang Showbiz
IVE ended their tour in London at the weekend credit:Bang Showbiz

K-pop megastars IVE shared their excitement over their first visit to London on their ‘Show What I HaVE’ tour.

The six-member girl group performed at the city's O2 Arena on Subnday (16.06.24), where they opened the concert with the high-energy track "I AM," followed by singles and album tracks that were met with audible excitement by their fans – named DIVE – who filled the venue.

Wonyoung – arguably South Korea’s biggest it girl since she rose to fame in 2018 - told the audience: “I tried fish and chips in London yesterday! They were so delicious and [I had the] the happiest time ever.

Other members also shared their excitement about exploring the city.

Yujin called it “such a beautiful place” and mentioned her wish to visit landmarks like Big Ben and the Notting Hill bookstore from the namesake movie.

Leeseo expressed her desire to visit the London Eye, and Liz added: “I wanna try the [Brick Lane] bagels.”

Throughout the night, the members expressed their excitement and gratitude, with leader Yujin remarking: “I think you guys have the most energy in Europe.”

The setlist included a European tour-exclusive rock version of 'Royal', an emotional performance of 'Shine With Me', a choreography using umbrellas, stage design including flower-adorned benches and conceptual videos between segments.

The concert also featured a covers section that featured Gaeul’s rendition of Ariana Grande’s '7 Rings', Rei’s performance of Niki’s 'Every Summertime', and their joint cover of the Spice Girls’ 'Wannabe'.

Rapper Gaeul hailed performing the latter as a dream come true, telling the crowd: “Finally, we performed ‘Wannabe’ here! For me, it was a dream.”

A duet of 'Reality' by Richard Sanderson was sung by Wonyoung and Liz, and Leeseo and Yujin covered British girl group Little Mix’s 'Woman Like Me'.

Yujin noted: “We finally performed ‘Woman Like Me’ in London! I was really looking forward to performing it here, so it was a meaningful time for me.”

During the final section, Wonyoung shared her pride in seeing their fans singing along to 'Blue Heart' and 'OTT', songs for which she participated in the writing process.

Referencing the song's lyrics, she said: “It’s our first time in London, and seeing you all sing along makes me so proud. Love you guys ‘over the top’'."

The night concluded with a cover of Icona Pop’s 'All Night', where the group repeated the chorus four times before saying their final goodbyes.

Yujin closed the night by saying: "We’ll go home with the great energy you gave us, so really, thank you so much! We’ll come back even better, so wait for us!"