Hairy Bikers' Dave Myers left wife Liliana 'windfall' and TV company after death

Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers has left a huge cash 'windfall' and a TV production company to his wife following his death from cancer.

The 66-year-old, from Barrow, died in February - two years after he shared his initial diagnosis. The popular TV chef starred in BBC and ITV shows for decades alongside his best pal and long-time colleague Si King.

Following his tragic death, changes have been made to his production company Sharpletter Limited. It is understood that Dave left control of the firm, incorporated back in 1993, to his wife Liliana, 57.


A document filed last month with Companies House confirms the end of Dave being listed as a person with significant control. This follows a document confirming the termination of Dave's appointment as a director.

Liliana is now the only active person with significant control listed for the company on Companies House. She was appointed as a director of the production company in March 2022, shortly before Dave announced his cancer diagnosis in May.

According to the Sun, Dave has left his wife a £1.4 million 'windfall' with her named sole shareholder of the company after his death. She's believed to have been given full control of the company, which according to an unaudited accounts document for August 2022 to April 2023, had 'capital and reserves' of more than £1.4 million during that period.

She appears to now also have Dave's shares in some companies that he had been a director of alongside his presenting partner Si. According to the Sun, details of Dave's will are yet to be made public following his death.

Dave's pal Si had announced his death on Instagram less than two months ago. The news was met with an outpouring of tributes on social media at the time, including from other celebrities who had worked with him over the years. Liliana paid tribute herself, writing alongside photos of her late husband: "Rest in peace, my love. My wonderful, brave man! Till next time we meet!" She later described him as an "exceptional" husband and a "wonderful" stepfather.

More recently, Dave's wife opened up about life without him. She said in a post: "Life stood still when I lost Dave. It still seems still, empty and sad. And I know it might seem too soon to even consider moving on. How can I move on from this wonderful, exhilarating, out of ordinary on so many levels, life that I shared with an extraordinary man?"

"When he is everywhere and in everything around me? I tell you how... I MOVE FORWARD WITH HIM! He will always be part of me, I am who I am because of him, he helped me shape the last 20 years of my life. I am ME because of HIM."

"There is grief to go through, but I won't let that keep me stuck, or fall into illness... because he wouldn't want that for me! I plan to live my adventures and take him with me! Experience life with him in my heart! Make his impact on my life meaningful! Write my next chapters with the excitement and the joy he taught me life can be lived with," she added.

Liliana, who's said to have first met Dave in 2005, concluded by writing in a recent post: "Carry his zest for life with me! Laugh and love like Dave! Having Dave Days for the rest of my life! I'M MOVING FORWARD WITH HIM!"