Haley campaign fires back at Trump’s ‘angry rant’ after New Hampshire win

Nikki Haley hit back at Donald Trump’s criticism following the former president’s win in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday,

Trump attacked his last-standing Republican rival in his speech

Mr Trump carved out part of his victory speech to address Ms Haley, seemingly unhappy that she had not dropped out of the 2024 race, emphasising that she had a “very bad night.”

He blasted Ms Haley as an “imposter” who’s still “hanging around” despite coming third in the Iowa primary last week and failing to secure a win in New Hampshire.

“We beat her so badly,” he told his cheering supporters.

“I can say to everybody ‘thank you for the victories, it’s wonderful’ or I can go up and say ‘who the hell was the imposter that went up on the stage before and claimed a victory?’ she did very poorly actually.”

In response, Ms Haley’s communications director Nachama Soloveichik said, “Two states have now voted in the presidential race, and Donald Trump barely received half of the vote — not exactly a ringing endorsement for a former president demanding a coronation.

“His angry rant was filled with grievances and offered the American people nothing about his vision for our country’s future,” she continued. “This is why so many voters want to move on from Trump’s chaos and are rallying to Nikki Haley’s new generation of conservative leadership.”

Mr Trump defeated Ms Haley by an 11-point margin, garnering 54 per cent of the vote compared to her 43 per cent.

After the vote totals poured in, Ms Haley congratulated Mr Trump and said the race is “not over.” She added, “New Hampshire is first in the nation. It is not the last in the nation.”

The former UN ambassador had been banking on a solid performance in the New Hampshire primary.

She came in third place in the Iowa caucuses, a race that her former competitor Florida Gov Ron DeSantis invested in. He suspended his 2024 campaign after coming in second place; entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy also dropped out after the Iowa caucuses landed him in fourth.

Now, the GOP field has dwindled to two.