Haley Lu Richardson Wishes She Could Be a 'Sister Wife' in Any of the Jonas Brothers' Marriages (Exclusive)

The White Lotus actress worked as TODAY's Jonas Brothers Correspondent during their performance on Friday and spoke to PEOPLE about her lifelong fandom

NBC/TODAY Jonas Brothers and Haley Lu Richardson
NBC/TODAY Jonas Brothers and Haley Lu Richardson

Haley Lu Richardson's journey as a Jonas Brothers fan is only getting more surreal.

After starring in the band's recent "Wings" music video, the White Lotus actress and lifelong JoBros fanatic worked a gig as TODAY's Jonas Brothers Correspondent during their live concert on the morning show's Friday episode.

Marking the NBC program's first collaboration of this kind, Richardson, 28, spoke with Nick, Joe and Kevin before their performance, took over all of the show's social media platforms to share behind-the-scenes footage throughout the day and even gave away concert tickets to a lucky fan.

"I'm just hoping that I can function around them and speak properly and not cry all the time," she told PEOPLE ahead of the show.

PEOPLE recently caught up with Richardson to discuss her Jonas Brothers fandom, experience filming the "Wings" music video, how she feels about their marriages and what she's hoping to hear on the band's upcoming tour.

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Can you tell me about your first time meeting the Jonas Brothers?

The first time I met the Jonas Brothers was when I was 12, and somehow my parents finagled me into getting a meet and greet pass. I don't know how, but they did it. It was a dream come true. My mom came with me. I was at their concert in Irvine, and so we drove to California for this concert because I grew up in Arizona, and I waited in line for a couple of hours before their concert started. Then, I got to meet them and take a picture with them. I don't remember if they let me hug them, but I think I said hi and was just freaking out and peeing my pants. Unfortunately, I had braces and a unibrow, so that was not the hottest face of my life but, internally, it was a beautiful moment.

Well, you have now really gotten to redeem yourself with much more, I'm sure, flattering photos and experiences with them.

Well, first of all, I don't have braces and a full-on unibrow now but, weirdly, the picture that I took with them at their [recent Las] Vegas concert, I look so bad because I'm just smiling and crying so hard that my face is contorted. It almost looks painful because I'm so happy. I've yet to have a picture of me and them where I look actually really good. So, maybe this time when I meet them, we can take a picture and I'll try to look like an attractive, desirable human.

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You recently starred in the "Wings" music video. How was that experience, especially spending time with the brothers on set?

It was the most insane experience of my life. It was literally a dream. We were filming in Kevin Jonas's suite, and when me and my friends were getting our hair and makeup done, Kevin just jogged up to the room and said hi. And I was like, "This is Kevin Jonas." It was so insane. Then, halfway through filming — because we pretty much did the whole day of work, which I don't even know if I can really call it work for myself — it was just me and my friends because Nick, Joe and Kevin came for the last hour or two to do the elevator bit at the end.

I wasn't expecting to see them all day, but then randomly Kevin would jog through his suite, or Nick would just walk through and say, "What's up?" Or Joe would just be filming something. And then at the end of the day, I realized Joe had posted behind the scenes of the video of me on his Instagram, which was absolutely absurd to me. I could not believe that happened. It was just all so unreal. It was an actual dream come true. I've never had a dream that's actually come true like that.

NBC/TODAY Jonas Brothers
NBC/TODAY Jonas Brothers

Most boy band fans grow up thinking they're going to marry a member. As a lifelong fan, how do you feel about the Jonas Brothers' wifed-up era?

Well, I'm so happy for them. They all have such beautiful families, and their love means so much to them. When you watch their Chasing Happiness documentary, you get to know them even more and all the things they've been through and how they've come apart and together, and how their families ground them. I'm just so happy for them. Do I wish that I could be a sister wife? Yes. Do I wish that could be a thing? Yes.

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Have you gotten to meet any of their wives?

I met Priyanka [Chopra, Nick's wife]. I really wanted to meet Sophie [Turner, Joe's wife]. I thought I was going to get to meet her in Vegas, but I didn't get to. I just feel like we would be buds. But Priyanka is absolutely the most stunning, intimidating but also friendly person I've ever met.

NBC/TODAY Haley Lu Richardson and Joe Jonas
NBC/TODAY Haley Lu Richardson and Joe Jonas

Do you have a favorite Jonas brother, and has that changed as you've gotten to know them a little bit?

Obviously I was in love with Nick for my whole life. If I had to pick, it would probably be Nick just because of this one-sided connection that I've had for him since I was 10. But honestly, after meeting them and being a fan of them into adulthood, I truly just see what makes them each so absolutely uniquely incredible and talented, and the things they each bring to the band and also the world. I just absolutely love all three of them.

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Does knowing that they're all taken now lessen the pressure when you're getting to know them?

Well, here's the thing. Do I think that I would actually have had a chance with any of them even before they were married? Probably not. The fact that I'm just such a huge fan probably just lessens my chances even more because that probably is an immediate red flag for them, I would imagine. But no, honestly, nothing lessens the stakes when I've been around them because I just admire them and am such a huge fan of them. They've just been such a big part of my life, and I just love them so much. It's just such a big deal. The stakes are freaking high no matter what.

NBC/TODAY Jonas Brothers
NBC/TODAY Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are about to go on tour, and they've said they're going to be playing songs from each of their five most recent albums each night. What are you hoping to hear on the setlist?

Okay, so they're obviously going to play things like "Burnin' Up." First of all, I love "That's Just the Way We Roll." I think that's actually one of my favorite songs in the whole entire world. It's kind of the anthem of my life. So, they have to play "That's Just the Way We Roll." They have to play "Lovebug." Oh my God, there's so many good ones that they actually didn't even play at the Vegas show. Obviously, I'd want them to play "Wings," considering I now have a personal connection to that, but there are some really early songs that I would want them to play.

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Yeah, I was lucky enough to see the Broadway show where they played the entire A Little Bit Longer album, so I was very happy to see all of those songs live.

Oh my God, that's a great one. That's so cool that they did that. That's so smart. They're just so smart and genius and talented, aren't they?

They are. I wish more bands would do a five-night residency where they play their albums in full!

The nostalgia and just the whole journey is such a big thing. That's kind of what Taylor Swift is doing right now with the Eras Tour. I just went to that a couple of weeks ago, and it's so epic because when you're fans of someone for so long throughout their whole career, to go on that whole journey with them over the course of a couple of hours is just so powerful. You just feel so connected to their journey and your journey as a fan. That's how I've felt going to Jonas Brothers concerts the last few years.

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