Haley ‘can’t believe’ Taylor Swift has ‘overtaken’ politics

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley weighed in to the unfolding debate among GOP politicians about singer Taylor Swift with disbelief.

“I’m not going to lie. I don’t know what the obsession is,” Haley told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday.

“Taylor Swift is allowed to have a boyfriend. Taylor Swift is a good artist. I have taken my daughter to Taylor Swift concerts before. To have a conspiracy theory of all of this is bizarre,” she continued. “Nobody knows who she’s going to endorse, but I can’t believe that that’s overtaken our national politics.”

Swift, the mega-popular singer, in recent days has become one of the most polarizing figures for Republicans after reports emerged that President Biden’s reelection team is actively seeking her endorsement.

Conservatives are fuming, partially over Swift’s past criticisms of former President Trump and her successful efforts to register young people to vote.

Now, coupled with her romance with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce ahead of the Super Bowl, politicians and reporters are weighing in.

Vivek Ramaswamy, a former presidential candidate, is among those who are implying the Chief’s Super Bowl game is a ploy to give Swift more attention for an eventual Biden endorsement.

“I wonder who’s going to win the Super Bowl next month,” Ramaswamy posted on social media. “And I wonder if there’s a major presidential endorsement coming from an artificially culturally propped-up couple this fall.”

Swift, coming off a year with a record-breaking tour, has yet to announce her support for any candidate, although she supported Biden in 2020.

In the interview Thursday, Haley, who is the only remaining candidate going against Trump in the GOP primary, tried to redirect the conversation away from the singer.

“I mean, right now, you have got 60 percent of American families living paycheck to paycheck. We have got a border that’s out of control. We have got wars happening around the world,” Haley said. “The last thing I really think we need to be worried about is who Taylor Swift is dating and what conspiracy theory is going to have her endorsing a person for president.”

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