Half of Biden voters say Israel committing genocide in Gaza: Poll

Half of voters for President Biden in 2020 believe the Israeli government is committing a genocide of Palestinians in Gaza, according to a YouGov/The Economist poll released Thursday.

The poll also found that 51 percent of Biden 2020 voters believe the Israeli government’s ground invasion of Gaza is “too harsh,” and 58 percent of the same group believe the conflict is “likely” to widen into a greater Middle East war.

The Israeli military has redoubled its efforts in recent weeks to eliminate Hamas in Gaza via a ground campaign and mass airstrikes. Critics claim the Israeli military’s efforts are also aimed at driving the Palestinian population out of Gaza, citing reports of targeted attacks at universities, hospitals and cemeteries.

The Biden administration has stepped up pressure on the Israeli government to scale down its military operations and encourage a Palestinian civilian government, though Israeli leaders have resisted the calls.

An increasing number of Democrats in Congress have gone further, calling on Biden to directly urge the Israeli government to seek a cease-fire in the conflict. About 60 members of the House and five Senators have called for a cease-fire, according to the progressive Working Families Party.

Biden has publicly denounced the prospect of a permanent cease-fire, but the White House said Thursday that CIA Director William Burns has been a key figure in brokering a potential second hostage cease-fire deal between Israel, Hamas, Qatar and the U.S.

Protesters advocating for a cease-fire in the conflict have followed Biden around the country, consistently interrupting and at times drowning out his speeches and other public appearances.

The survey comes as the International Court of Justice is expected to announce a preliminary decision Friday in South Africa’s case alleging Israel is committing genocide. The court will not yet rule on the merits of the genocide claim, but will instead announce whether it will demand provisional or emergency measures in the conflict.

The international community, especially the United Nations, has been a loud advocate for a cease-fire in the conflict to assist Palestinian civilians. The U.N. said that nearly the entirety of Gaza’s 2.3 million population has been displaced by the conflict and needs humanitarian aid.

In recent weeks, U.N. officials have warned of spreading disease and an increased risk of famine in Gaza.

The YouGov/The Economist poll surveyed about 1,600 people over this week, with a margin of error of about 4 percent.

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