Half-man half-owl creature spotted in Cornwall

A mythical half-man half-owl creature that scares off holidaymakers in Cornwall has been filmed in a graveyard - for the first time in 40 years.

The terrifying apparition has been the subject of folklore since the 1920s but villagers began to rest easy as it hadn't been seen since 1976. But local Mark Davies has now sparked fresh terror among the current flock of tourists in Cornwall by capturing the infamous character on camera.

Mark filmed the shadowy horned figure known as the Owlman of Mawnan Smith prowling a graveyard in the village.

According to local folklore, two teenage girls once spotted the figure while on holiday in Mawnan Smith, near Falmouth, Cornwall. The two teenagers are said to have seen a terrifying "bird-man" with wings and feathers on top of the church tower.

The story says that they were so scared by the sighting that their father decided to put an end to their holidays and leave Cornwall immediately.

In July of the same year, two 14-year-old girls camping in the area, spotted a giant owl of human-size 'with glowing eyes'. At the time, all eyes turned to the village and the discovery made the headlines, naming the beast the Owlman of Mawnan Smith.

Customers at local pub The Red Lion, the post office and the Memorial Hall had all heard of the tale of the hybrid beast, but all said that they did not know enough about it to comment.