Halfords customer loses £2,000 after car wrecked on test drive by staff member

A Brummie has issued an urgent warning after a Halfords service left him £2,000 out of pocket. A man was left in despair when his beloved Alfa Romeo was wrecked on a test drive by a staff member, he has told the Guardian.

Birmingham man Ian Tubbs wrote into the Guardian newspaper after he took his car for a service - only to see it written off on a test drive by a staff member. The Halfords employee claims that the car was being professionally driven at 25 mph, and that the damage to the vehicle was caused by a third-party vehicle hitting the customer’s car.

“The whole thing has been a nightmare,” Ian said. The police investigation later found the car had clipped two other vehicles and smashed into a tow truck. Witnesses described seeing the car swerving in and out of traffic before hitting the kerb and then the railings.

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Mr Tubbs' insurance firm, Aviva, offered him £19,000 for his car, upped to £19,500 after he complained. He says this is £300 short of its full value - and he faces hiked premiums for YEARS after Aviva wrongly attributed claims from both drivers hit by the vehicle in the incident from before the crash itself.

“To this day I have had no meaningful apology, and no offer to compensate me for what happened,” Tubbs said. “I have had to overpay for my insurance, pay to take taxis to get around. I’ve lost £600 to the car hire firm, and spent time looking for another car. I have been really shocked by way Halfords has behaved,” he says.

A Halfords spokesperson says: “We recognise the distress caused by the recent incident of a collision during a routine road test by our technicians. We followed the necessary procedures by notifying our insurance company.

"We’ve apologised to Mr Tubbs for the inconvenience caused and we’re working to resolve this matter directly with him.”