Halifax Neighborhoods Evacuated as 'Out of Control' Wildfire Burns Through Area

An ‘out-of-control’ fire burned near homes in Tantallon in Nova Scotia, Canada, on Sunday, May 28, prompting the Halifax Fire Department to issue an evacuation order for residents.

Ben Clattenburg recorded this video while working on the roof of a home in Upper Tantallon. Clattenburg said he thought it was a bonfire at first, but quickly realized it was more serious.

According to the Halifax Fire Department, roughly 16,400 residents were evacuated from their homes by Monday, with no missing people or injuries reported. The department said several buildings were likely destroyed in the fire. Credit: Ben Clattenburg via Storyful

Video transcript


BEN CLATTENBURG: So, I was doing a roof next door. And I look over. And it looks like somebody's having a bonfire, but it turns out [MUTED] bush fire going on. That is a giant [MUTED] fire. My god.

Somebody's pool's about to light up.

Oh, my. [MUTED] Whole forest caught on fire. Oh, my.


Oh, damn it. Oh, man. Here. Yeah.


Yeah, exactly. [MUTED] I don't know if yours can help. It's probably not even worth it, man. Probably not even worth it. That's going to jump over that grass like nothing.

- What's going on here?


BEN CLATTENBURG: Oh, [MUTED]. The roof's done. [MUTED] down [INAUDIBLE]





- We'll have to vacate the lawn.

BEN CLATTENBURG: Yeah, probably.



- Why don't you call an ambulance?

BEN CLATTENBURG: The entire [MUTED] back of the woods is on fire.




Get out of here.

- Get out of here. Go. Let's go.