All About Halsey's Son Ender Ridley Aydin

Halsey welcomed baby Ender in 2021 with their then-boyfriend Alev Aydin

<p>Halsey Instagram </p> Halsey with her son Ender

Halsey Instagram

Halsey with her son Ender

Halsey is dedicated to being the best mom possible to their son.

The singer, who uses she/they pronouns, welcomed their first child, Ender Ridley Aydin, with screenwriter Alev Aydin on July 14, 2021.

Ender's birth came six months after Halsey made their surprise pregnancy announcement on Instagram. The “Bad At Love” singer shared three maternity photographs showing off their bare baby bump to celebrate their pregnancy. In the comment section of the post, Aydin expressed his joy, commenting, “Heart so full, I love you, sweetness."

When Ender was 6 months old, Halsey released their fourth studio album, If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power, which they said was inspired by “the joys and horrors of pregnancy and childbirth.” Speaking with Billboard in October 2021, the singer shared that while their motherhood journey has informed their music, their career priorities have changed since welcoming Ender.

"I'm glad we got to make this album when we did because being a mother to my son makes being a musician seem pretty boring," Halsey said. "Something really amazing happened when I did have my son, which is the absolute, glorious eradication and death of my ego. Nothing matters when I go home to him. He thinks I'm perfect and great and everything."

They added, "The beauty of that is that it means I'm going to create when I want to. Hopefully, that means that whatever I make is going to be something that I'm just burning to get out there. Because the only expectation I have for myself is to be a really good mom, and the rest will fall into place around that."

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While Halsey has kept their family life relatively private, they occasionally share glimpses of their son on Instagram. In April 2023, the proud mom posted a carousel of photos, which included a shot of the pop star smiling at their son while holding him up so he could look in a mirror.

The same month, a source told PEOPLE that Halsey and Aydin were going their separate ways but were “planning to co-parent” their son. The singer has since been linked to actor Avan Jogia.

From their pregnancy journey to sweet family moments, here’s everything to know about Halsey’s son Ender.

Halsey was open about their desire to become a mother

<p>Halsey Instagram</p> Halsey during their pregnancy

Halsey Instagram

Halsey during their pregnancy

Before giving birth to Ender, Halsey was very open about their desire to become a mother. They often shared their struggle with reproductive health with fans, including their battle with endometriosis and the “multiple terrifying surgeries” they underwent to treat the condition, as well as prior miscarriages.

In 2020, the musician penned the song “More” from their third studio album, Manic, about their difficult journey to motherhood. They sing on the track: “Wooden floors and little feet / A flower bud in concrete / Feelin' so incomplete / Wonder will we ever meet? / And would you know it right away / How hard I try to see your face?”

Within the album notes for Manic, Halsey explained the story behind the emotional song. "For a long time, I didn't think that having a family was something I was going to be able to do, and it's very, very important to me,” they wrote. “Then one day my OB-GYN tells me it's looking like I maybe can, and I was so moved. It felt like this ascension into a different kind of womanhood.”

They added, “All of a sudden, everything is different. I'm not going to go tour myself to death because I have nothing else to do and I'm overcompensating for not being able to have this other thing that I really want. Now, I have a choice. I've never had a choice before."

After announcing their pregnancy in January 2021, Halsey responded to critics who questioned their journey on Instagram Stories. The singer said their pregnancy with Aydin was “100% planned” and they “tried very hard for this bb.”

Ender was born on July 14, 2021

<p>Halsey Instagram </p> Halsey and Alev Aydin holding their newborn son Ender

Halsey Instagram

Halsey and Alev Aydin holding their newborn son Ender

Halsey and Aydin welcomed their son, Ender Ridley Aydin, on July 14, 2021. The singer shared the happy news five days later when they posted two black-and-white photos from the delivery room on Instagram.

“Gratitude. For the most 'rare' and euphoric birth. Powered by love," they wrote alongside the photos.

His name has a special meaning

<p><a href="" data-component="link" data-source="inlineLink" data-type="externalLink" data-ordinal="1">Halsey</a></p> Halsey holding baby Ender on the beach


Halsey holding baby Ender on the beach

In Ender's birth announcement, Halsey hinted about the special meaning behind their son’s name. According to She Knows, Ender is a Turkish name that means “extremely rare.” The unique moniker also has sentimental ties, as Aydin is from Turkey.

His middle name, Ridley, is of English origin, meaning “wood clearing.”

He had a rainbow-themed nursery

<p>Halsey Instagram </p> Halsey's son Ender's nursery

Halsey Instagram

Halsey's son Ender's nursery

In August 2021, Halsey gave fans a glimpse into Ender’s nursery. They shared a handful of photos on Instagram that featured their son in a tie-dye onesie and his rainbow-themed nursery. The room included a light-up rainbow, a mushroom-shaped footstool, a flower rug and hand-painted artwork on the walls.

One photo also showed a sign hanging on the wall of Ender’s name in cursive script and multicolored letters. According to Aydin’s Instagram, he and Halsey handpainted the sign before they welcomed their son.

He celebrated his 6-month birthday with a homemade crown

Halsey/Instagram Halsey's son Ender on his 6-month birthday
Halsey/Instagram Halsey's son Ender on his 6-month birthday

In January 2022, Ender hit his first big milestone: his 6-month birthday. To celebrate the occasion, his parents treated him to a banana oatmeal cake and finger painting. Halsey also crafted a felt crown for the birthday boy that read "½ Ender."

In a series of photos posted on Instagram, the singer reflected on how fast their baby boy was growing and wrote, “They said it would go by fast but sheeeeeesh."

He doesn’t like his mom’s singing

<p>Halsey Instagram </p> Halsey holding son Ender

Halsey Instagram

Halsey holding son Ender

Halsey may be a platinum-selling musician, but they still can’t count Ender as their biggest fan. During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in June 2022, the “Without Me” singer revealed that their son doesn’t like their singing.

"Oh ... no. No, he hates it. He's my biggest critic," they responded after host Jimmy Fallon asked if Ender loves it when they sings lullabies. "It's funny. My mom, she can't carry a tune in a bucket. It's really bad and when she sings, his eyes light up like she's the stars and the moon. But when I sing, he's not a fan."

Halsey added that when they sing, their son makes a pouty face as if he’s going to cry. "And I'm like, 'Alright, most kids would be really happy,' " they jokingly said.

He visited Disney World for the first time in May 2022

Halsey/Instagram Halsey kissing baby Ender on the cheek
Halsey/Instagram Halsey kissing baby Ender on the cheek

Halsey took Ender to Disney World for his first visit in May 2022. The singer made the trip to the famous theme park with their son while on a break from rehearsing for their Love and Power tour in Florida.

Halsey posted a series of photos from the trip on Instagram and shared in the caption that they took Ender to dinner at Epcot, where the food “was amazing” and their “incredible” server turned out to be a big fan of their music.

He had a space-themed first birthday party

<p>Alev Aydin Instagram</p> Alev Aydin and Ender with a friend at Ender's first birthday party

Alev Aydin Instagram

Alev Aydin and Ender with a friend at Ender's first birthday party

To celebrate his first birthday, Halsey and Aydin threw their son a space-themed party. The singer shared photos of the bash on their Instagram, including a snap of them and Ender wearing matching orange space suits. The festivities also included a ball pit, a photo booth and a special birthday present — a new scooter.

A few days before the party, Halsey posted a birthday tribute to Ender, including several photos of the little one throughout the year. “My little tiny baby is a big one year old today," they wrote. "Your baba and I love you so much. you are smart and fiercely determined and sweet and curious and funny. I am so lucky that you found me Ender Ridley!"

Aydin also shared a family photo on Instagram for Ender's birthday and wrote, “PETIT PRINCE IS ONE TODAY!! Mama and I love you, Ender. To the moon, kid, to the moon."

He likes monster trucks

<p>Halsey Instagram </p> Halsey's son Ender at Monster Jam

Halsey Instagram

Halsey's son Ender at Monster Jam

Ender may not enjoy his mom’s singing, but there is one thing he does love: monster trucks. In April 2023, Halsey posted a carousel of photos on Instagram of the pair at Monster Jam, a monster truck racing competition. In one photo, Ender watched the race while wearing a pair of Monster Jam tire headphones.

“I guess no matter what your parents do, it’s cooler to like whatever’s the complete opposite. I love my monster truck kid,” Halsey wrote in the caption.

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