Hamas Official Storms Out of BBC Interview When Confronted Over Israeli Civilian Deaths


A senior Hamas official fled an interview on Thursday after a BBC correspondent asked him how the terrorist organization could justify killing Israeli civilians in their sleep.

“I want to stop this interview,” Hamas political bureau member Ghazi Hamad muttered before storming off.

Sitting down with BBC Middle East correspondent Hugo Bachega, Hamad was repeatedly pressed on the horrific Oct. 7 Hamas terror attacks that resulted in over 1,400 Israeli deaths, most of which were civilians. This also included Hamas militants paragliding over the border, surrounding a music festival, and murdering over 250 concertgoers.

According to Hamad, though, the hundreds of Israeli residents killed by Hamas gunmen was unintentional and merely the result of the group attacking military targets. Bachega, however, wasn’t buying the Hamas spokesperson’s spin.

“You say this was a military operation but the result of it was that hundreds of civilians were killed,” the BBC journalist pushed back.

“Yes, because that area is very wide and there are many people there, and there was clashes and confrontation,” Hamad insisted.

“It’s not confrontation, you invaded houses,” Bachega retorted.

“I don’t have details [of] what happened inside,” Hamad replied. “But I can tell you we didn’t have any intention or decision to kill civilians.”

Regardless of Hamad’s objections, overwhelming evidence has emerged that Hamas instructed its militants to deliberately murder civilians and take others captive, including young children. Earlier this week, the Israeli government showed 200 members of the foreign press a 43-minute presentation that included scenes of decapitation and torture, gathered from Hamas terrorists’ bodycam feeds.

“How do you justify killing people as they sleep? You know, families? How do you justify killing hundreds of people in—,” Bachega wondered before Hamad interjected, deciding it was time to leave.

“I want to stop this interview. I want to stop this interview,” the Hamas official meekly stated before ripping off his mic.

Since the deadly Hamas onslaught, Israel has responded with a brutal barrage of airstrikes on Gaza that’s left thousands of Palestinians dead amid an escalating humanitarian crisis. The Israeli military forces, meanwhile, have begun expanding ground operations as they prepare to fully invade Gaza, threatening to spark a full-blown geopolitical crisis.

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