'Our hamster thinks it's a dog'

Popcorn the hamster
-Credit: (Image: Chris Davies)

A pet hamster in Cardiff has gone viral online after its owners discovered he acted more like another animal. Popcorn the hamster has been seen 12.9 million times on TikTok after owner, Chris Davies, shared the pet's dog-like behaviour.

Chris, an NHS nurse living in Cardiff, was initially hesitant when his daughter Lily expressed she wanted a pet hamster, but the family adopted Popcorn in 2021. It wasn't long until Chris fell in love with Popcorn and found that he helped with his mental health and was a calming influence.

Chris said: "I suffer from anxiety, and one day, after a particularly gruelling shift, I noticed Popcorn paying a lot of attention to me. I decided to say hello, and, honestly, as cheesy as it sounds, the rest is history."

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It wasn't long before Chris began to notice that Popcorn acted less like a hamster and more like a dog, so he began to record the odd behaviour.

Hamster on owner's shoulder
Popcorn loves to snuggle with his owners -Credit:Chris Davies

He said: "What made Popcorn so unusual is that he would respond to his name. He would actively seek out human interaction. He loved being in the company of his chosen people, which was me and my daughter. He would snuggle in and nap by our side. He would follow us around. He was very social which is incredibly rare for these animals."

Chris first shared videos of Popcorn with his family and friends who encouraged him to share them online. Soon after doing so, Popcorn became a hit, gaining over 11 million likes for their family videos. For the latest Cardiff news, sign up to our newsletter here

As well as sharing Chris, Lily and Popcorn's journey through videos, Chris has also now written a children's book depicting the family's story. He said: "Popcorn calmed me in ways no medication could. Our connection flourished in front of the world, and it was simply the most surreal and unexpected friendship."

Popcorn: The Unlikeliest of Friends, shows Chris's new found love for his beloved pet and how one small animal can help in many ways. His new book can be bought in local bookshops across Wales as well as online here.

Chris' new children's book, Popcorn: The unlikeliest of friends -Credit:Candy Jar Books
Chris' new children's book, Popcorn: The unlikeliest of friends -Credit:Candy Jar Books