Handsome DJ Illenium is showing love to his gay fans for Pride Month

Illenium DJ Las Vegas Pride Month Gay
Illenium DJ Las Vegas Pride Month Gay

This is the news that makes us feel good!

Illenium is one of the top names in the world of EDM and the star continues to skyrocket to unbelievable levels of success.

The Grammy-nominated DJ and Billboard chart topper is busier than ever as he fills up his calendar with a slew of performances at festivals around the world.

Outside of his record-shattering rave appearances, Illenium is also headlining his own Sin City residency at Resorts World Las Vegas throughout the summer. Fans can see him spinning records at Zouk Nightclub and in the desert heat at Ayu Dayclub.

"I'm so lucky to be where I'm at. To connect with people around the world has been the best part of my life. Zouk [and Ayu] is so perfect for putting on your own show. I feel like it's a very intimate feeling. I get to see almost everyone. It's a place where I can really enjoy DJing," Illenium tells PRIDE.

Despite his packed schedule, Illenium is taking time during Pride Month to shout out his incredible LGBTQ+ fans who've supported his career since his humble beginnings.

"I love y'all so much. Happy Pride Month! I've always been just so happy about the scene and how accepting it is. I feel like everyone is able to relate to going through sh***y times. Everyone has struggles, especially in [the LGBTQ+] community. I'm a full supporter of you guys and I just appreciate the love always."

Here's a fun fact as well... some of Illenium's biggest fans may know the words to his songs better than he does! The DJ admits that he didn't know the words to his smash hit "Takeaway" when it first came out.

"I literally don't know the real lyric until two weeks after the song came out! I always thought 'you're half a takeaway.' I literally didn't even know, but it was such a vibe! I still sing 'half a takeaway.' No one knows that one."

Fans can check out Illenium at Resorts World Las Vegas visiting the official website here. To see the full interview, check out the video below.

Illenium Says He Didn't Know the Words to 'Takeaway' When It Dropped youtu.be