Haney vs Lomachenko LIVE! Boxing result, fight stream, latest updates and reaction to undisputed thriller

Haney vs Lomachenko LIVE! Boxing result, fight stream, latest updates and reaction to undisputed thriller

Haney vs Lomachenko LIVE!

Devin Haney remains the undisputed king of boxing’s stacked lightweight division after a thrilling contest against Vasyl Lomachenko in Las Vegas. ‘The Dream’ edged an absorbing tactical battle at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and picked up a controversial unanimous decision win to retain his belts for the first time on US soil and remain unbeaten, moving to 30-0 as a professional in the process.

Many thought underdog Lomachenko had done enough to add undisputed status to his incredible list of career achievements, with the final result greeted by heavy boos from a strongly pro-Loma crowd. However, he was denied on what could well be his final chance at the very highest level, falling to a third defeat despite a superb effort that confounded pre-fight expectations. Haney, meanwhile, must now decide whether to move up in weight or else stay at 135lbs and pursue blockbuster bouts with the likes of Shakur Stevenson and Gervonta Davis.

On Saturday’s undercard, Oscar Valdez returned to winning ways in an entertaining rematch against Adam Lopez. Junto Nakatani claimed the vacant WBO super-flyweight title with a devastating late knockout of Andrew Moloney, Raymond Muratalla demolished Jeremia Nakathila early in a statement win and Nico Ali Walsh was held to a surprising draw by Danny Rosenberger. Follow Haney vs Lomachenko reaction live below!

Haney vs Lomachenko latest news

  • Haney edges Lomachenko on points to stay undisputed

  • Valdez outpoints Lopez on return to action

  • Muratalla stops Nakathila early in statement win

  • Nakatani produces brutal late knockout of Moloney

  • Ali Walsh held to surprise draw by Rosenberger

06:37 , George Flood

As close to a dig as you are going to get from Lomachenko...

06:17 , George Flood

Oh what could have been for Loma if he could have matched that incredible 11th round with a big finish in the 12th...

06:12 , George Flood

Lomachenko lets his emotions out backstage. Tough to watch, such a classy fighter.

An all-time great.

06:11 , George Flood

An edgy exchange between Haney and Stevenson inside the ring.

“I’m number one,” the champion barks.

“For now,” Stevenson keeps repeating with a smile and a glint in his eye.

Man I hope we get to see that fight!

Stevenson: Lomachenko won... Haney is not on my level

06:09 , George Flood

ESPN had Shakur Stevenson in the ring after the fight and he says he feels Lomachenko won.

“Lomachenko should be the undisputed champion. He won. He won that fight,” he said.

Stevenson talks up a blockbuster showdown with Haney next, saying he’s going to show that ‘The Dream’ is not on his level.

He says the Haney team is running scared from him.

Vasyl Lomachenko reaction

06:06 , George Flood

Very respectful reaction from Lomachenko, as you’d expect from such a classy bloke.

He evades a lot of the questions about whether or not he feels he had his undisputed dreams stolen tonight.

But it certainly sounds as if this isn’t the end of the line for Loma, who drops to 17-3 after his third professional loss and first since that shock upset by Teofimo Lopez in 2020.

Devin Haney reaction

06:04 , George Flood

Plenty of respect shown from Haney towards Lomachenko in his post-fight interview, which is in stark contrast to his incendiary comments for most of the week.

He is again non-committal on the issue of moving up or staying at 135lbs, reiterating his struggles to make the weight.

However, he again namechecks Shakur Stevenson and Gervonta Davis as the fights that make sense were he to stay at lightweight.

05:58 , George Flood

Listen to those boos...

AND STILL! Haney beats Lomachenko via unanimous decision

05:45 , George Flood

116-112, 115-113, 115-113 - AND STILL!!!!

Devin Haney retains his undisputed lightweight titles via unanimous decision and stays undefeated, prompting wild celebrations.

116-112 is obviously silly, but you can bet those 115-113 cards came down to that final round.

So important that Haney came out firing for the final three minutes after clearly being hurt in the 11th.

The crowd and Lomachenko are both very unhappy with that.

Boos rain down from the stands as Haney tries to conduct his post-fight interview.

05:42 , George Flood

I’ve got this for Lomachenko, just!

What a story that would be.

Haney vs Lomachenko

05:41 , George Flood

Both men clearly feel they have won here, with Haney up on the ropes and Lomachenko’s team referring to him as “champion” in the corner.

The wait for the cards is agonising.

Whatever happens, it should be very, very close.

You could see a slender win either way or a draw. It was that tough to score.

Haney vs Lomachenko

05:39 , George Flood

Round 12

Lomachenko goes after Haney in the final round!

But this is far better from the champion, who fights fire with fire.

Loma has been by far the busier puncher tonight and keeps letting his hands go once more, but Haney is responding with some solid blows now.

Haney lands a succession of spiteful body shots, with the entire crowd on their feet for the final 30 seconds.

One last push from Loma and the final bell sounds! We go the scorecards!

Was that 12th round enough from Haney? We will find out very soon...

Haney vs Lomachenko

05:36 , George Flood

Here we go with the final round!

The undisputed lightweight championship of the world could all come down to this...

Haney vs Lomachenko

05:35 , George Flood

Round 11

A brilliant right to the body from Lomachenko early in the penultimate round forces Haney back!

He then jolts forward to further damage the champion on the inside.

Haney is hurt here! His legs don’t look completely steady as he takes another big shot. Brilliant from Loma.

Haney is trying to recover here but he eats a lovely combination to both head and body and then a spearing left hand that lands flush on the chin.

As pointed out on the broadcast, Haney’s tactics are bizarre - he’s standing square in front of Lomachenko, well in range. He has had no proper measure of the distance here.

What a fantastic round for Lomachenko! Is he gonna do this?!


Haney vs Lomachenko

05:32 , George Flood

Round 10

Lomachenko ups the tempo midway through the 10th, getting the sold-out crowd chanting his name loudly again with a super flurry. Was Haney hurt for a moment there?

Haney responds well though, slowing Loma on the inside, landing a hook and thundering to the body.

Both men are feeling the pace as they slow down for the final minute or so in the round.

Loma round? This is on an absolute knife-edge, unless I’m reading it completely wrong!

Haney vs Lomachenko

05:27 , George Flood

Round 9

Lomachenko’s shots have definitely been more eye-catching so far tonight and he rocks back Haney’s head again midway through round nine.

Haney responds with another terrific dig to the body, but again Loma responds by piling on the pressure and letting his hands fly.

Good work from Haney for the final 30 seconds of the round, controlling and throwing out that solid jab - though he does take another left upstairs.


Haney vs Lomachenko

05:24 , George Flood

Round 8

There have been a few clashes of heads now, including another there. Hip tosses, leaning on the head and plenty more of the dark arts!

Lomachenko’s energy levels at 35 are outstanding, he’s still trying to force the pace where possible, stalking Haney and comes firing back with menace virtually every time he’s tagged.

He lands a right upstairs and rocks back Haney’s head, drawing a big reaction from a heavily pro-Loma crowd who begin chanting his name again.

But plenty of good work from Haney too, his body punching has been excellent.

Haney vs Lomachenko

05:19 , George Flood

Round 7

Lomachenko is still the aggressor here for the most part, but he’s warned after a little hip toss.

More frequent clinching now, with Lomachenko firing off a couple of nice combinations but Haney still punching well to the body.

Haney detonates a big left hook up top after another warning from the referee.

Lomachenko shrugs off maybe the biggest punch of the night so far and ends the round with a flurry and another tidy combo.

I don’t envy these judges one bit.


Haney vs Lomachenko

05:16 , George Flood

Round 6

Nifty work from Lomachenko on the inside midway through the sixth - that’s where he wins this fight.

Haney comes firing back, but there’s another solid shot upstairs from Loma.

Haney lands a cheeky hook off the clinch and Lomachenko reacts sarcastically with a glance at the cameraman - it is exactly what Haney said his opponent would do when he accused him of being a “dirty fighter” earlier this week.

No idea how the judges are supposed to score these rounds, honestly. It’s so evenly-matched, with bright moments from both men.

It’s a tactical war that you can’t take your eyes off for a moment.

Haney vs Lomachenko

05:11 , George Flood

Round 5

Haney digs in a nice body shot at the start of the fifth and then utilises his size advantage, stepping in close and planting a nice hook upstairs.

This is positive stuff from the undisputed champion, nailing a decent counter but he then eats a nice shot and Lomachenko springs forward, letting his hands go and shooting nicely to the body to get the crowd very excited.

Good work on the inside from both men, with Lomachenko now taking a tumble. No knockdown.

Lomachenko works the body now up close, Haney warned for grabbing the back of Loma’s head.

Lomachenko is the man forcing the tempo at the moment. I have him leading 3-2 through five rounds, though so many of these rounds could go either way.

Haney vs Lomachenko

05:07 , George Flood

Round 4

Lomachenko is told off again for leaning on Haney’s head at the start of the fourth, with the champion having again bent down low.

He’s continuing that plan of trying to attack the body of Lomachenko whenever possible.

Lomachenko lands a left hand to the forehead, with Haney then back trying to establish the jab.

Many thought Haney would be content to utilise his size and reach advantage and stay on the outside and jab Lomachenko all night long, but that really hasn’t been the case so far.

Lomachenko lands a straight right down the pipe, with a spot of grappling then seeing Haney tumble to the canvas. Obviously no knockdown.

This is such an engrossing chess match. Such tight, tight rounds that could go either way.


Haney vs Lomachenko

05:02 , George Flood

Round 3

Haney is bending down a lot trying to crack to the body, which is often throwing away his height advantage.

Lomachenko is still looking sharp, but he’s countered nicely by Haney, who again goes down to try and dig to the midriff.

Lomachenko is full of energy as he lunges forward frequently to try and inflict damage and let more punches fly on the inside.

Haney trying to counter and punch to the body again, with Loma warned for a shot to the back of the head.

Haney responds to a sharp uppercut with a big overhand left that lands nicely!

Lomachenko tries to back Haney up against the ropes once more, with both men landing decent shots again.

Fascinating, fascinating contest through three.

Haney vs Lomachenko

04:59 , George Flood

Round 2

Haney is trying to establish himself on the outside now, jabbing nicely and going down to the body a lot with the right hand.

He looks like he’s measured the range and distance, punishing Lomachenko with another crisp body shot.

Lomachenko has to get close, square his feet and let his hands go, and he tries to do that again with Haney backed up towards the corner. Haney takes a few before escaping.

Lomachenko, ever a master of the levels and angles, sneaks in a left hand that lands on the chin, but Haney responds by digging to the body again.

Lomachenko with another flurry before the bell. Great stuff from both men - a really entertaining start.

Haney vs Lomachenko

04:56 , George Flood

Round 1

Unsurprisingly, the size difference between these two is quite clear from the outset. As expected, Haney has piled on the pounds since surprisingly weighing in as the slightly lighter man 36 hours out from fight night.

There is massive support for Lomachenko throughout this Las Vegas crowd, with plenty of boos for Haney despite him fighting on home turf. But he dealt with that sort of treatment fine against Kambosos Jr in Australia.

Haney is aggressive from the first bell, but Lomachenko ends the round much stronger, trying to trap the champion and let his hands fly early on.

Lomachenko expends a lot of energy there trying to punch in bunches, with Haney losing his footing under pressure.

First round to Loma?

Haney vs Lomachenko

04:51 , George Flood

Age, power, weight, height, reach - all in favour of Haney.

The one advantage Lomachenko has of course is experience, particularly in world title fights.


Can’t wait.

Haney vs Lomachenko

04:46 , George Flood

Here comes the undisputed champion, Haney playing up to the crowd as he saunters onto the ring apron and eventually through the ropes.

This is his first defence on US soil of course, having picked up the undisputed titles and defended them successfully against George Kambosos Jr in Australia last year.

We’ll be underway after the final pre-fight introductions!

Haney vs Lomachenko

04:44 , George Flood

Here comes Lomachenko, with Matrix tune Clubbed to Death accompanying his ring walk. Weird to see him come out first!

Two-time Olympic gold medalist, 396 amateur wins, two world Championship triumphs, multiple world titles in three weight classes, pound-for-pound great... his list of achievements is endless.

Can he defy the odds and add undisputed glory to his incredible resume in what may well be his last chance at the very highest level aged 35?

A great reception for Loma inside the MGM Grand.

Devin Haney vs Vasyl Lomachenko

04:37 , George Flood

Spine-tingling stuff as both fighters pace backstage, hands wrapped, preparations finishes and each ready to go in a colossal undisputed showdown.

Ring walks are imminent, with a great atmosphere in Las Vegas.

Devin Haney vs Vasyl Lomachenko

04:33 , George Flood

Time for the national anthems ahead of the main event ring walks!

A real big fight feel at the world-famous MGM Grand.

Ukraine’s up first, followed by the The Star-Spangled Banner.

Devin Haney vs Vasyl Lomachenko next

04:30 , George Flood

That is it for tonight’s entertaining undercard at a packed-out MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

But don’t go anywhere, the undisputed main event is coming right up.

Devin Haney vs Vasyl Lomachenko for all the world titles in a stacked lightweight division is NEXT.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Oscar Valdez beats Adam Lopez on points

04:28 , George Flood

98-92, 98-91 97-93 - all in favour of Oscar Valdez, who wins via unanimous decision.

A return to the win column for the former two-weight world champion, 13 months on from losing his WBC super-featherweight title in a first loss to Shakur Stevenson.

He moves to 31-1 with a second win over Adam Lopez, who drops to 16-5.

Oscar Valdez vs Adam Lopez

04:25 , George Flood

To the judges’ scorecards we go! Surely a return to winning ways for Oscar Valdez, who started and closed well despite one or two sluggish middle rounds.

Replays show that busted nose of Lopez was caused by an accidental headbutt followed by a left hook early in the 10th, hence the resulting hesitancy from Valdez.

Really entertaining fight, that.


Oscar Valdez vs Adam Lopez

04:22 , George Flood

Round 10

A huge shot from Valdez backs up Lopez and he goes in for the finish, with a wild final round now starting to more resemble WWE as the two men grapple and tumble to the canvas.

Valdez doesn’t want this to go the distance, upping his intensity as he hurts Lopez again.

He lets his hands go and Lopez stumbles down, but the referee quickly signals that it’s not a knockdown.

As soon as he gets to his feet, the final bell sounds!

Oscar Valdez vs Adam Lopez

04:19 , George Flood

Into the final round we go.

Is there a late twist in the tale to come here?!

Lopez has just had his nose busted and turns away but there’s a strange moment as Valdez hesitates and doesn’t drive home his advantage.

Now he’s finally back on the offensive with Lopez hurt...

Oscar Valdez vs Adam Lopez

04:18 , George Flood

Round 9

More intent from Valdez, who is really dangerous when he unleashes those overhand shots and snapping hooks.

Better from the Mexican, who catches Lopez hard with a couple of painful right hands.

Lopez responds by stepping inside and uncorking another flurry of light pitter patter punches that don’t faze Valdez.

Oscar Valdez vs Adam Lopez

04:15 , George Flood

Round 8

I’ll be interested to see how the judges are scoring this.

I would have said Valdez was in control, but he’s being outworked over the last few rounds.

Lopez is constantly on the move and by far the busier fighter, even if he just peppers the target for the most part without picking many power punches.

Lopez is feeling confident, dancing around the ring and raising his hand at the end of the eighth.

Valdez needs to pick up the pace again, he’s starting to look quite sluggish trying to hunt Lopez down and missing a lot with some tired punches.

Oscar Valdez vs Adam Lopez

04:10 , George Flood

Round 7

Lopez turns up the aggression, taking the fight to Valdez and really coming on strong at the end of a gruelling and ultra-physical seventh.

He has the Mexican backed up in the corner, pushing him and attacking the body having earlier eaten a solid counter hook to the head.

Lopez finds the target with a stiff left hand before the bell. Valdez was pushed around too easily there.

Oscar Valdez vs Adam Lopez

04:07 , George Flood

Round 6

Still plenty of lateral movement from Lopez and flurries of short punches, but Valdez’s defences are rigid and so few breach his tight guard.

It’s Valdez who is able to then crash in the effective counters, including a stellar left hook.

He’s not as aggressive as in the early rounds, but he’s still in control and hasn’t been hurt at all through six despite the significant energy being expended by his opponent.

Valdez is setting traps and executing his counters nicely.


Watch: Muratalla stops Nakathila early in statement win

04:03 , George Flood

Here’s that emphatic second-round stoppage of the usually durable Jeremia Nakathila from Raymond Muratalla...

Oscar Valdez vs Adam Lopez

04:02 , George Flood

Round 5

Decent action at the start of the fifth, with Lopez now wisely trying to let his hands go and Valdez matching his efforts in a firefight.

A lovely looping right from Valdez finds the mark, punishing the body as Lopez tries to evade the sustained attack.

A huge swooping left from Valdez now gets through!

Lopez takes it well and then comes back firing, but he’s still just hitting mostly glove.

He’s super-busy and throws out a lot of peppered punches, but so few of them cause Valdez any trouble at all.

Some more furious exchanges to end an entertaining round - another for Valdez, who has probably put all but one in the bag so far.

Oscar Valdez vs Adam Lopez

03:56 , George Flood

Round 4

More evasive from Lopez, trying to move around Valdez, avoiding his assaults and trying to pick his own shots from various angles.

Valdez nails him with a straight right and left hand to the body as he stalks Lopez.

A lot of sideways movement from Lopez in response to the constant suffocating pressure, but he’s hitting nothing but glove and not landing hardly anything of his own.

He tries to up the tempo at the end of the fourth, getting Valdez caught against the ropes and unloading to the body.

Better from the American.

Oscar Valdez vs Adam Lopez

03:53 , George Flood

Round 3

Valdez steps on the gas at the start of the third, hunting down Lopez and catching him with another overhand shot and uppercut, piecing together the punishing combinations.

He lands two more big overhand rights off the fizzing left jab, with an apparently unfazed Lopez beckoning him on as he gets backed up in the corner.

Lopez tries to fight fire with fire back in the middle of the ring, but he’s mostly hitting gloves at the moment.

He did well to weather that storm, but that’s a decent round from the former two-weight world champion.


Oscar Valdez vs Adam Lopez

03:49 , George Flood

Round 2

After a slow start, Lopez gets himself going with a terrific combination early in the second.

He establishes his own excellent jab, with early signs that this is going to match their 2019 slobberknocker.

Lopez’s jabbing, feinting and movement is now nice and sharp, but he gets tagged with a right over the top late in the round.

Good back-and-forth action to start this co-feature event.

Oscar Valdez vs Adam Lopez

03:46 , George Flood

Round 1

A really sharp start from Valdez who, unlike Nakathila, is showing no signs of ring rust despite a long lay-off.

He looks laser-focused and jabs wonderfully from the outset, staying busy and peppering Lopez with punches.

Valdez clearly means business tonight on his return. Lopez yet to get going.

Oscar Valdez vs Adam Lopez

03:42 , George Flood

The chief support act of the night is underway!

Can Valdez get back on track after that defeat by Shakur, or will Lopez gain revenge for his previous loss?

Let’s find out...

Oscar Valdez vs Adam Lopez next

03:42 , George Flood

It’s already time for the co-main event of the night in Las Vegas!

Mexico’s Oscar Valdez 30-1 (23 KOs) makes his return to the ring against Adam Lopez 16-4 (6 KOs).

These two last fought in November 2019, when Valdez produced a seventh-round stoppage in an engrossing brawl.

He later knocked out Miguel Berchelt to become the WBC super-featherweight champion, retaining the belt against Robson Conceicao before being bossed by Shakur Stevenson in his last outing last April.

The experienced two-time Olympian Valdez, now 32, is also the former long-serving WBO featherweight champion of the world.

Lopez has lost two of his last four bouts, against Abraham Nova and Isaac Dogboe.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Muratalla wants to face Haney-Lomachenko winner

03:36 , George Flood

Very ambitious from Muratalla, who states his ambition to fight the winner of Devin Haney-Vasyl Lomachenko in his next fight.

He feels he’s put the rest of the division on notice and already deserves his chance.

In reality he’s got a few steps to go before entertaining those sorts of illustrious possibilities, but he’s clearly on the right track.

Raymond Muratalla stops Jeremia Nakathila early

03:29 , George Flood

There are many that will say that stoppage was perhaps a touch premature, but do not underestimate the shuddering power behind those enormous shots from Muratalla.

He smashed in five huge right hands as well as a body shot and left hook, snapping back Nakathila’s head in vicious fashion.

18-0 with 15 knockouts now for the mightily impressive Muratalla and certainly the best victory and name on his professional resume so far.

Nakathila perhaps pays the price for being out of the ring for so long, suffering only the third defeat of his career. His first stoppage loss, and it happened in the second round.

Quite the message from Muratalla, another huge prospect in boxing’s best division.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Raymond Muratalla vs Jeremia Nakathila

03:24 , George Flood

Round 2

This is very smooth and composed from Muratalla early on, going through the gears and picking his shots well.

He’s feinting well and moving nicely, with the more cumbersome Nakathila losing his footing early in the second.

But he does throw out some warning shots with that long right hand.

A tidy left hook finds the mark from Muratalla, then getting the better of a furious close-range exchange and going on the offensive.



Raymond Muratalla vs Jeremia Nakathila

03:20 , George Flood

Round 1

The first eye-catching punch lands from Muratalla, wearing white and pink shorts with ‘danger’ emblazoned across the front.

He lands a nice overhand right after a confident start.

Nakathila has begun slowly, perhaps to be expected, gets tagged again.

Round one put away by Muratalla.

Raymond Muratalla vs Jeremia Nakathila

03:18 , George Flood

Here we go with this 10-rounder in the stacked lightweight division!

Really intrigued to see how Muratalla deals with the obvious threat of Nakathila, who has been out of the ring for some 14 months now.

This could be a cracker between two fighters with 33 combined knockouts on their CVs.

03:16 , George Flood

The ESPN broadcast reports that Andrew Moloney is up and okay and talking to his family inside the arena, holding his son.

There is said to be no concerns over his health. Great to hear after such a heavy knockout.

Muratalla vs Nakathila next

03:07 , George Flood

Raymond Muratalla faces the toughest test of his career next.

The undefeated 17-0 (14 KOs) lightweight contender steps up against Jeremia Nakathila, having bounced back from an early knockdown to overwhelm Humberto Galindo in the ninth round last time out.

Namibia’s 23-2 (19 KOs) Nakathila is a dangerous customer, having smashed former super-featherweight world champion Miguel Berchelt in an upset last March.

Berchelt did not answer the bell for the seventh round after taking heavy punishment in that shockingly one-sided contest 14 months ago.

Nakathila also took Shakur Stevenson the distance in the summer of 2021, dropping a decision.

This should be fascinating. Will there be any ring rust for the 33-year-old Nakathila? He hasn’t fought for more than a year, while it’s only been a matter of weeks since Muratalla beat Galindo on the Jose Ramirez-Richard Commey undercard.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Watch: Nakatani knocks out Moloney in brutal fashion

02:57 , George Flood

If there is a more emphatic knockout in boxing this year, I’ll be surprised!

Just exceptional from Nakatani, who has put himself firmly on the map with US audiences tonight in only his second fight outside his homeland.

Naoya Inoue is rightfully the fighting pride of Japan, but this man deserves far more recognition.

A two-weight world champion at 25 and 25-0 with 19 knockouts. A real force to be reckoned with.

Shakur Stevenson: Haney will give Lomachenko ‘hell’ tonight

02:54 , George Flood

Shakur Stevenson is in the house on punditry duty tonight and has supplied the following prediction for the main event...

“I got Devin to win by decision. I think Devin is the bigger, younger and faster fighter,” he said.

“He is going to give Lomachenko hell tonight.”


Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

02:49 , George Flood

Thankfully Moloney seems okay and is now sitting on a stool in the ring.

Replays show it was an enormous overhand left from a dipping Nakatani that knocked him spark out, the Japanese setting up the most enormous blow perfectly with a couple of pawing right jabs.

Moloney tried to open up and left himself wide open for the most crushing finishing shot that will go viral.

The most vicious knockout you are ever likely to see!

Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

02:43 , George Flood


Moloney is just trying to hang on for dear life and see the final bell.

But he’s knocked out cold after a devastating finishing shot from Nakatani. Vicious, scary KO of the Year contender.

Moloney just sunk straight down and is flat on his back in the middle of the ring, blood all over his face and breathing heavily. Should he have even been allowed back out for the 12th?!

Thankfully he’s now sitting up, with his corner applying ice all over his body.

Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

02:41 , George Flood

Into the 12th and final round we go of this WBO super-flyweight world title contest.

Moloney is told by his corner that they may have to stop the fight as he’s getting hurt badly on the outside and hasn’t taken on any of their advice over the last couple of rounds.

They eventually tell him that they will let him go back out, but plan to stop it at the first sign of more trouble.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

02:38 , George Flood

Round 11

Moloney is down for the second time in the penultimate round!

Nakatani continues to unleash some brutal straight lefts that land flush upstairs, the first sending him flying back and to the canvas.

The Australian beats the count and is allowed to continue, but he’s in pure survival mode now as Nakatani looks for the late finish.

Perfect precision from the Japanese.

Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

02:36 , George Flood

Round 10

Another round safely in the bag for Nakatani, who is showing tremendous variety and switching his attacks from head to body at will.

He still looks full of energy after 10, jabbing superbly and setting up the combinations that rattle through Moloney’s breached defences.

Moloney continues to show plenty of heart but he’s got no chance here. He’s been taken to school.

Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

02:32 , George Flood

Round 9

Moloney looks in trouble now as Nakatani rattles in yet more spiteful uppercuts with the Australian against the ropes.

He then fires terrifically to the body, letting his hands go and piecing together those venomous combinations once again.

Moloney has shown superb determination here, but his spirit now looks to have been broken. He cannot avoid those punishing uppercuts, which find their home time and time again.

The composed Nakatani is in complete and utter control heading into the championship rounds and on track to become a two-weight world champion aged 25.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

02:28 , George Flood

Round 8

Great stuff from Nakatani, who finds his range once again and peppers Moloney with plenty of eye-catching shots and combinations, including more superb uppercuts with both hands.

His best round since he got the knockdown in the second, without question.

Another brutally honest assessment from Moloney’s corner before the ninth: “You aren’t fighting your fight. You aren’t going to win like that.

“We don’t have the rounds to let him take one off like that.”

Moloney is once again implored to try and take it to Nakatani on the inside and attempt to get him against the ropes, which he hasn’t managed to do at all so far.

02:25 , George Flood

Lomachenko the picture of calm as always.

Will he take what will surely be his last chance at undisputed glory tonight?

Devin Haney and Vasyl Lomachenko arrive

02:24 , George Flood

Excitement continues to build ahead of tonight’s huge main event in Las Vegas!

Devin Haney and Vasyl Lomachenko are both now in the house ahead of their massive undisputed lightweight showdown.

Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

02:23 , George Flood

Round 7

Moloney just can’t avoid that Nakatani uppercut, try as he might.

Nakatani crashes in another midway through the seventh and then digs in a lovely right to the body for good measure.

Great action as the two men stand and trade in the middle of the ring, with Nakatani trying to trap Moloney against the ropes before the bell.

Moloney is managing to engage and wear down Nakatani with his physicality on the inside, but he’s not doing nearly enough damage.

Nakatani isn’t moving nearly as well and is taking more punches than he’s used to, but he’s still landing the much cleaner punches.

Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

02:20 , George Flood

“Cut him down like a tree. You’ve got to get him on the ropes, he’s got nothing on the ropes mate.”

Moloney’s trainer is providing so much entertainment tonight!

Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

02:19 , George Flood

Round 6

“Stay low, stay low,” is the roar from Moloney’s extremely vocal trainer, who is audible at all times throughout every round despite the MGM Grand starting to fill up nicely.

Moloney gets a confidence boost with a nice right hand that finds the mark early in the sixth.

He’s on the front foot now, forcing the tempo and making Nakatani work.

Suddenly the Japanese fighter seems a bit more tentative and apprehensive, eating more shots and not moving as well after his confident start.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

02:15 , George Flood

Round 5

Nakatani is a brilliant and effortlessly smooth operator - he unleashes a series of thudding uppercuts and stylish left hands that buzz Moloney in the fifth.

The gritty Moloney is trying again to slow him on the inside, grabbing and flailing, but he then gets caught with a glancing blow over the top.

Moloney, to his credit, has some success to the body, but he’s being outclassed here for the most part.

18 knockouts in 24 fights for Nakatani - can he make that 19?

Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

02:11 , George Flood

Round 4

Moloney is really trying to dig in here, attempting to make this a messy scrap on the inside and limiting Nakatani’s ruthless precision in a better fourth.

Credit to Nakatani’s cut man, who has cleaned up that awkward gash near the left eyebrow very well.

Moloney is told by his corner that he’s being wrapped up too easily on the inside - they want their man to bump Nakatani and try and get him against the ropes and hurt him to the body.

Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

02:06 , George Flood

Round 3

Moloney is trying to up the aggression levels now after a dominant start from Nakatani - “get inside” is the constant shout from the Australian’s corner.

His problem is that every time he ups the tempo, springs forward and lands, he tends to get nailed by an emphatic counter swiftly.

The uppercut is a huge weapon for Nakatani, who isn’t letting that nasty cut effect him too much.

3-0 to Nakatani.

Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

02:04 , George Flood

Round 3

Oh this isn’t good at all.

An accidental headbutt has just opened up a huge cut on the forehead of Nakatani early in the third, close to the eyebrow.

The ringside doctor is called up quickly to take a look as they try to stem the flow of blood.

At least it isn’t above either eye so shouldn’t obscure his vision, though that will bleed a lot through the course of this fight.

On we go...

Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

02:02 , George Flood

Round 2

Nakatani is absolutely dominant early on here, doling out the power punches and dropping an overmatched Moloney early in the second after nailing him with a jolting right uppercut.

Moloney is taking some heavy punishment and there’s a cut around his right eye.

The ruthless precision from Nakatani - fighting at this weight for just the second time after outpointing Francisco Rodriguez Jr in a 10-rounder in Saitama in November - is truly something to behold.

Moloney has to come out swinging and I think he has managed to cut Nakatani over his left eye.

Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

01:59 , George Flood

Round 1

A confident start from Nakatani, who looks bigger, faster and more assured out of the gate.

He easily takes the first round, not taking any damage and landing some nice power shots.

This could already be looking a bit ominous for the Australian.

Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani next

01:54 , George Flood

The vacant WBO super-flyweight world title is on the line next at the MGM Grand!

Australia’s 25-2-1 Andrew Moloney will look to follow twin brother Jason, who became the WBO bantamweight world champion with victory over Vincent Astrolabio in Stockton only last weekend.

He faces the undefeated 24-0 (18 KOs) Junto Nakatani in a battle of two former world champions.

Nakatani held the WBO flyweight title before vacating and moving up last year, while Moloney is the former WBA super-flyweight champion.

This should be a great clash and a close one at that. Nakatani fighting outside of his native Japan for only the second time.

Nico Ali Walsh vs Danny Rosenberger

01:44 , George Flood

77-75 Rosenberger, 77-75 Ali Walsh, 76-76 - it’s a split draw!


The crowd aren’t happy with that result.

Ali Walsh’s run of successive wins ends at eight, though he remains unbeaten at 8-0-1.

Rosenberger gave a decent account of himself there without question and certainly put a few rounds away, but surely Ali Walsh edged it.

I wonder if we’ll see it again sooner rather than later. A bit of early drama to kick off the main card in Las Vegas!

Nico Ali Walsh vs Danny Rosenberger

01:41 , George Flood

Round 8

More absorbing close-range action in the eighth with both men feeling the pace and looking tired.

Success for each fighter in those furious exchanges, but the busier Ali Walsh lands the cleaner shots and comes out better for sure.

He goes eight rounds for the first time in his career and should take this on the cards, though had to take some big shots at times in a feisty showdown.

He will have learned plenty from this.

Both men raise their hands at the final bell and we await the judges’ scorecards...

Nico Ali Walsh vs Danny Rosenberger

01:38 , George Flood

Round 8

Into the final round of this engrossing main-card opener!

Ali Walsh will want a strong finish to ensure he takes this as comfortably as he would like on the cards.

Nico Ali Walsh vs Danny Rosenberger

01:37 , George Flood

Round 7

Ali Walsh has lost his rhythm somewhat, now struggling to pin down the very shifty Rosenberger, who has only grown in confidence over the last couple of rounds.

His movement is very good again and he’s repeatedly jabbing and throwing to the body.

But here comes Ali Walsh at the end of the seventh, landing nicely to both head and body with Rosenberger trapped against the ropes.

Rosenberger comes firing straight back in another very lively end to the round, looking to let his own hands go with Ali Walsh also lent back against the ropes.

Really good scrap, this. Plenty of entertainment and needle.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Nico Ali Walsh vs Danny Rosenberger

01:33 , George Flood

Round 6

A hugely entertaining sixth - best round of the fight so far.

And certainly the best for Rosenberger, who starts and finishes the round very well indeed.

He is repeatedly trash-talking Ali Walsh, exploding with some corking short blows from all sorts of unexpected angles.

Tempers flare after the bell and Ali Walsh looks very frustrated as he trudges back to his corner.

Nico Ali Walsh vs Danny Rosenberger

01:29 , George Flood

Round 5

No shortage of effort and determination from Rosenberger, who managed to limit Ali Walsh’s work on the inside and lands a couple of counters early in the fifth.

But Ali Walsh is totally unfazed and gets back to work, re-establishing the jab and cutting off the ring effectively as he continues to walk down his opponent.

What a finish to the fifth though from Rosenberger - his best spell of the fight so far as he rattles off a number of venomous shots that land well.

Ali Walsh in control, but a little warning there not to get too confident.

Nico Ali Walsh vs Danny Rosenberger

01:25 , George Flood

Into the second half of this eight-rounder we go.

Can Nico Ali Walsh get his sixth career stoppage here to move to 9-0?

He’s surely got every round in the bag up until now.

Nico Ali Walsh vs Danny Rosenberger

01:24 , George Flood

Round 4

A superb counter left hook from Ali Walsh lands flush at the start of the fourth after Rosenberger misses the mark with an attempted uppercut.

He then unloads with both hands to the body as Rosenberger finds himself trapped against the ropes.

Rosenberger’s movement has slowed dramatically with his energy clearly sapped since that spiteful assault, he’s leaning against the ropes again and Ali Walsh is making him pay - sending his mouthpiece flying in the process.

A hurt Rosenberger is coming out swinging, but he’s being picked off very effectively through four.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Nico Ali Walsh vs Danny Rosenberger

01:20 , George Flood

Round 3

Rosenberger, to his credit, has a whipped left jab of his own and thunders a couple through in the early stages of the third.

But Ali Walsh gets his back working again quickly, following up with the right hand.

A lovely lead right from Ali Walsh connects with a minute left in the round.

Rosenberger is evasive as Ali Walsh tries to corner him. His movement is good but he hasn’t got his timings right so far, trying to nail a couple of overhand rights earlier in the round.

His defence isn’t bad, but he’s only landed 11 shots so far...

Nico Ali Walsh vs Danny Rosenberger

01:16 , George Flood

Round 2

Ali Walsh continues to utilise that left jab, following up with the dangerous right hand.

Rosenberger has offered very little indeed so far, save a decent right in the first round.

Ali Walsh is dictating the tempo of this contest in the early stages, digging well to the body and switching up his attacks.

2-0, no sweat.

Nico Ali Walsh vs Danny Rosenberger

01:13 , George Flood

Round 1

A decent opener from Ali Walsh, who springs forward with menace and at speed.

He finds the mark with a couple of stiff left hands to make Rosenberger think.

He’s measuring the distance well and jabs nicely off the left hand, setting up his attacks well.

Nico Ali Walsh vs Danny Rosenberger

01:11 , George Flood

Here we go with tonight’s main-card action at the MGM Grand!

Rosenberger has only been stopped once in his career so far, so this will be an intriguing test for Ali Walsh, who only turned professional in the summer of 2021.

Nico Ali Walsh vs Danny Rosenberger begins main card

01:04 , George Flood

Kicking off tonight’s main card is Nico Ali Walsh, the undefeated 22-year-old grandson of Muhammad Ali who is looking to go 9-0 as he battles the 13-9-4 Danny Rosenberger.

Rosenberger is 11 years Ali Walsh’s senior and an obvious step up in experience.

This is a six-rounder in the middleweight division.

Emiliano Vargas stops Rafael Jasso in round two

Sunday 21 May 2023 00:55 , George Flood

Brutal and ruthless from Vargas!

He stops Jasso in round two with a peach of a left hook to the body that leaves Jasso as a crumpled heap on the canvas.

That was a vicious shot. 5-0 it is with four stoppages for ‘El General’.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Emiliano Vargas vs Rafael Jasso next

Sunday 21 May 2023 00:47 , George Flood

Finishing off the early portion of tonight’s undercard in Las Vegas is Emiliano Vargas, another hyped and undefeated lightweight prospect who will hope to go to 5-0.

‘El General’ contests a quick four-rounder against Rafael Jasso, who is also undefeated as a professional at 3-0 since making his debut in 2021.

Three of Vargas’ four pro wins to date have come by knockout and he will be hoping to lay down another marker on the big stage this evening.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Shakur Stevenson hails Abdullah Mason as ‘the truth'

Sunday 21 May 2023 00:43 , George Flood

High praise indeed for the electric Abdullah Mason from Shakur Stevenson on social media...

Floyd Diaz outpoints Luis Fernando Saavedra

Sunday 21 May 2023 00:39 , George Flood

80-72 x2 and 79-73 - all in favour of Floyd Diaz, who takes a deserved unanimous decision to move to 9-0.

He would have wanted the stylish knockout, but he would have learned a lot from that eight-rounder.

Sunday 21 May 2023 00:35 , George Flood

Diaz-Saavedra goes the distance and we await the judges’ scorecards.

The slick Diaz was in control through six and had the Mexican badly bloodied, though he took some punishment himself during the final two rounds.

A tough test for the 19-year-old, who should certainly maintain his unbeaten record here.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Report: NSAC filing complaint over Haney shove

Sunday 21 May 2023 00:28 , George Flood

Just going back to *that* weigh-in shove for a moment, ESPN’s Mike Coppinger reported that the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) is set to file a complaint with its attorney’s office for a disciplinary hearing.

ESPN’s report also said that Haney would likely be fined, with the NSAC having requested a second physical examination of Lomachenko to medically re-clear him for tonight’s main event.

While it was certainly a hard push out of nowhere, there will surely be no issues on that front.

Haney: Tank and Shakur only fights to keep me at 135

Sunday 21 May 2023 00:15 , George Flood

Devin Haney has admitted that mega-fights with fellow US superstars Shakur Stevenson and Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis are the only bouts that could now convince him to stick around at lightweight, if indeed he manages to overcome Vasyl Lomachenko later tonight.

“There’s good fights at 135 and I wanna make the biggest fights,” he told Boxing Scene.

“Shakur is one of the names on the list. Tank is one of the names on the list.

“And truthfully, those are probably the only fights that I would even stay at 135 for because other fights just wouldn’t even make sense.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Floyd Diaz vs Luis Fernando Saavedra next

Sunday 21 May 2023 00:08 , George Flood

Floyd Diaz is next on the early portion of this undercard in Las Vegas.

Another exciting and undefeated 19-year-old prospect at 8-0, the 2019 junior Olympic gold medalist takes on Luis Fernando Saavedra.

Let’s see what ‘Cash Flow’ can produce on his latest pro outing.

Sunday 21 May 2023 00:03 , George Flood

Such good anticipation and variety from Abdullah Mason during that final spiteful onslaught.

The way he so effortlessly switched up his attack from body to head to leave Desmond Lyons frantically trying to defend both areas was superb.

The teenager is a massive talent.

Abdullah Mason stops Desmond Lyons in sixth round

Saturday 20 May 2023 23:59 , George Flood

Another last-round knockout on the early undercard!

Abdullah Mason dominates against Desmond Lyons as expected, but can’t get him out of there despite another impressive display of power, accuracy and skill.

That is until the sixth, when he goes for broke and properly unloads to get that reward.

A seventh career knockout takes him to 8-0. One to watch, without a doubt.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Devin Haney vs Shakur Stevenson on the cards?

Saturday 20 May 2023 23:55 , George Flood

There is of course much speculation as to what is next in store for Devin Haney if he wins as most anticipate tonight.

He has made no secret of his struggle to make 135lbs, so it is thought that this could be his last fight at lightweight before making the jump up to 140.

However, Haney has also said that there are few challenges that really excite him up at super-lightweight, so could he be tempted to stick around longer for blockbuster bouts against the likes of Shakur Stevenson?

“With Devin Haney, he’s so big, can he stay at 135lb? Or does he jump up to 140lb? And we’re loaded at 140lb as well and there are opportunities there,” said Top Rank president Todd DuBoef this week.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

“So I think from a pure boxing perspective, to see Devin and Shakur is a natural, natural fight.

“It would have been like Mayweather and Mosley in their prime, which we didn’t get.

“It’s that type of fight, and they know each other well. Love to do those type of fights, but we’ll see what happens with the outcome and how both fighters feel, and how Lomachenko feels.

“We have to read the room a little better and decide to make moves with the fighters, rather than force something they don’t really want.”

Chantelle Cameron stuns Katie Taylor in Dublin

Saturday 20 May 2023 23:41 , George Flood

Haney-Lomachenko is the second of tonight’s massive undisputed title showdowns of course.

Katie Taylor’s long-awaited Irish homecoming against Chantelle Cameron has just concluded amid a raucous atmosphere at the 3Arena in Dublin, a typically engrossing war between two undisputed champions that went the full 10 rounds.

Cameron has just taken a majority decision on the cards, remaining the queen at super-lightweight and inflicting a first defeat of a truly illustrious career on Taylor.

Abdullah Mason vs Desmond Lyons next

Saturday 20 May 2023 23:35 , George Flood

Abdullah Mason is now in the ring as tonight’s early undercard picks up the pace.

The 19-year-old exciting Cleveland prospect is looking to further boost his burgeoning reputation with another impressive victory over Desmond Lyons.

Mason is 7-0 so far as a professional including six knockouts, 83 per cent of which have come before the third round.

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