'Hard to pronounce' names for new Welsh school in Monmouthshire rejected

Potential names for a new Welsh primary school have been rejected, partly because they were "difficult to pronounce".

The new school will open in Monmouthshire in September 2024, the third Welsh-medium primary school in the county.

The seedling school will provide education to pupils up to and including year one in the first instance.

Councillor Tudor Thomas told a full council meeting that the temporary governing body had looked at three names for the school.

Cllr Thomas said the governors had chosen Ysgol Gymraeg Trefynwy (Monmouth Welsh School) because it "[does] what it says on the tin".

"The other names we looked at, which were more difficult to pronounce, and I think some people would have found difficulty with, were Ysgol Bro Mynwy, translated as Mono Vale School," he said.

"And then Ysgol Glannau Gwy, which is translated as Banks of the River Wye School, which, again, [is] quite difficult to pronounce."

The councillor said the chosen name, which was approved by councillors at the meeting, was "short, sharp [and] says what it says".

One councillor, Louise Brown, asked if the school's name plate could include both Welsh and English "for the benefit of the public and residents so they know what the school is about".

Cllr Thomas said he would look into the suggestion, but emphasised it was a Welsh-medium school.

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He added the new school was a "historic" development for the county and said he hoped one day there would also be a Welsh-medium secondary school.

"But I think that is a tall ask," he added.