Harmony Korine Brings His EDGLRD Aesthetic to New ‘One Second’ Music Video — Watch

Coming on the heels of his experimental assassin flick “Aggro Dr1ft”, which made extensive use of infrared technology, and the forming of his new production company/design collective EDGLRD, Harmony Korine is adding to its output with a new music video from bladee and Yung Lean called “One Second”.

Featuring a constant bass-pumping beat and visuals that range from hi-def gaming sequences to classic fish-eye lens close-ups on bare bellies and disarming masks, “One Second” plays as a level-up on the kind of chaotic splendor Korine introduced with films like “Spring Breakers” and “Trash Humpers”. Korine is clearly a fan of bladee and Yung Lean, as exhibited by the DJ sets he performs with them at Miami’s Boiler Room Club. The club setting seems to be the perfect environment for Korine’s experimentation, as he recently screened “Aggro Dr1ft” in Los Angeles at a strip club for its first ever immersive experience.

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IndieWire veteran Eric Kohn joined the multi-media company back in August 2023 as its Head of Film Development and Strategy, saying, “The company creates a new experience from conventional feature films. You may see other media outgrowths like games and new media. Our team is well set up to explore all these different avenues. I’m excited to see where it leads and what the next generation of filmmakers is thinking as we create a fresh context for what cinema is going to be.”

Speaking to Film at Lincoln Center for NYFF 61, Korine said of EDGLRD, “It involves a lot of tech and gaming — gaming developers — there’s some AI in there and a lot of VFX and this, kind of this like, interesting mix of people that are basically experimenting and trying to develop this idea of maybe what comes after normal films.”

Watch the music video for “One Second” below.

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