Harrowing Pictures Show The Devastating Effects Of Using Crystal Meth

These shocking pictures show the deterioration of crystal meth users as they spiral into addiction. The police mug shots, taken over a period of years, show the weight loss, tooth decay, facial sores and appearance of accelerated aging that affect users of the drug. The pictures form a campaign by Rehabs.com that attempts to put people off ever taking crystal meth by showing how quickly it can ruin people’s lives. Crystal meth is a serious issue in the U.S., where addiction is shockingly widespread.

Downward Spiral

These two pictures, taken 11 years apart, show this woman’s spiral into addiction. (Rehabs.com/REX Shutterstock)

Mug Shots

One woman, pictured first aged 20, was arrested four times over 13 years. Each subsequent picture shows the shocking physical changes caused by crystal meth. (Rehabs.com/REX Shutterstock)

Shocking Change

This drug user is barely recognisable after nine years of taking crystal meth. (Rehabs.com/REX Shutterstock)

Face Of Addiction

This man has suffered severe facial sores as a side effect of his drug use. (Rehabs.com/REX Shutterstock)

Fading Away

This woman’s mug shots over a period of six years show how she appears to have aged drastically. (Rehabs.com/REX Shutterstock)

Shocking Difference

These tow police mug shots were taken only two year’s apart, but the woman’s appearance has deteriorated hugely thanks to crystal meth. (Rehabs.com/REX Shutterstock)

Early Age

This man was first caught using crystal meth at the age of 18. By 35 he had lost a shocking 75 lbs. (Rehabs.com/REX Shutterstock)

Body Shock

10 years of drug abuse has taken its toll on this woman, whose face appears hollow and emaciated. (Rehabs.com/REX Shutterstock)

Taking Hold

These two police mug shots were taken just a year apart, but already the woman is suffering from sever facial sores because of crystal meth use. (Rehabs.com/REX Shutterstock)

From her first mugshot aged just 18 to her third aged 22, this woman has lost 40 lbs and her physical state has clearly deteriorated to a worrying level. (Rehabs.com/REX Shutterstock)