Harry hints he and Meghan will tell all in unseen footage from new Netflix trailer: 'No-one knows the full truth'

Harry seems to hint that his new Netflix documentary will expose his
Harry seems to hint that his new Netflix documentary will expose his 'full truth' about life as a royal. (Netflix)

Harry and Meghan have hinted they will reveal "the full truth" of their experiences of being in the royal family in their upcoming Netflix show.

On Monday, the official trailer of Harry & Meghan, the Sussexes’ behind-the-scenes docuseries, was released confirming it will debut on Thursday.

The trailer begins with references to the positive coverage a "royal rock star" Meghan initially enjoyed in the press when she first joined the Royal Family. However, Harry then says in a clip that "everything changed".

In the clip, Harry goes on to refer to the "leaking and planting of stories" that takes place between the royal household and the press, something he previously discussed his 2021 interview with Oprah when referring to their "invisible contract".

The trailer indicates much of the documentary will be focussed on the royals' relationship with the press – and specifically how the "hierarchy" of the royal family plays into this.

Watch: Full trailer for Harry & Meghan documentary

Parallels are also drawn in the trailer between the treatment Diana received from the press and that experienced by Meghan. Calling it a "feeding frenzy" when a woman marries into the royal institution, it seems the duke won't be holding back.

"It's a dirty game", Harry says.

The explosive trailer concludes with Harry saying: "No one knows the full truth. We know the full truth."

An unseen moments from Meghan's pregnancy in the trailer. (Netflix)
An unseen moments from Meghan's pregnancy in the trailer. (Netflix)

Previously unseen footage in the trailer includes the couple sitting in the back of a car – in an echo of Diana's death – whilst Meghan says she realised "they're never going to protect you".

Netflix has said that the documentary series will include "the clandestine days of [Meghan and Harry's] early courtship and the challenges that led them to feeling forced to step back" as working royals.

Commentary from journalists and historians will also illuminate the "state of the British Commonwealth and the Royal Family's relationship with the press".

"It's about hatred. It's about race", one of these commentators says in the trailer. While another alleges "there was a war against Meghan to suit other people's agendas".

The six-part series will be released in two parts. The first three episodes will drop on 8 December, followed by three more a week later.

In the teaser trailer released last week, candid and intimate photos of the couple's private lives were used, juxtaposed against images of them at public events.

First look at Harry and Meghan's Netflix documentary. (Netflix)
First look at Harry and Meghan's Netflix documentary. (Netflix)

Meghan was also shown in tears twice in the first trailer, and looking distressed whilst holding her head in her hand.

The trailers both have come at an inopportune time for the Royal Family. Last week's distracted from Prince William's trip to Boston with Kate, where the couple held the Earthshot Prize Awards.

The documentary is also coming hot on the heels of the most recent racism scandal the Windsors are embroiled in. At a reception hosted by Camilla at Buckingham Palace last week, Lady Susan Hussey made racist comments to Ngozi Fulani — a Black charity executive.

Fulani has said that the long term lady-in-waiting for Queen Elizabeth asked her repeatedly where she was really from, despite Fulani replying that she was British.

Lady Susan Hussey resigned from her honorary position and the palace released a statement calling her comments "unacceptable and deeply regrettable".