Harry Styles 'alarmed' by woman accused of stalking

Harry Styles 'alarmed' by woman accused of stalking

A woman accused of stalking Harry Styles has been remanded in custody after allegedly causing serious alarm and distress to the pop star.

Myra Carvalho, 35, is accused of harassing the former One Direction singer in an alleged incident on Monday this week in north London.

She appeared at Highbury Corner magistrates court on Tuesday, and was sent for trial at Harrow crown court with a hearing set for next month.

According to the charge, Carvalho is accused of “stalking involving serious alarm or distress”, with her actions allegedly having “a substantial adverse effect on his usual day-to-day activities”.

Carvalho, who has been staying at a backpackers hostel in Earl’s Court, did not indicate a plea to the charge as she was remanded in custody by District Judge Denis Brennan. She is next due in court on February 20.

The incident happened shortly after Styles had returned from a Caribbean getaway with girlfriend Taylor Russell and TV presenter friend James Corden.

In 2019, Styles was stalked by Diana Tarazaga-Orero after offering to buy food when he saw they were sleeping rough near to his north London home.

Tarazaga-Orero pushed money and notes through his letterbox and tried to grab Styles as he went out for a jog.

Styles told a court he had been left “scared” by the attention and was forced to upgrade his security, including installing a panic lock on his bedroom door.

Tarazaga-Orero then, in 2022, broke a restraining order by barging into Styles’ home.

Styles has not commented publicly on the alleged incident with Carvalho, but was reportedly left “shaken up”.

He told Willesden magistrates court in 2019 that he had previously tried to live a normal life and been approachable for fans, but the incident with Tarazaga-Orero left him feeling wary and needing to upgrade his security.