Harry Styles fans share their joy as singer grows hair out after buzzcut

Harry Styles has fans abuzz again (PA)
Harry Styles has fans abuzz again (PA)

Harry Styles has fans abuzz again after a photo emerged of him sporting a slightly longer hairdo for 2024.

The Watermelon Sugar singer left his loyal fanbase stunned in November when he debuted a shaved head while attending U2's Las Vegas residency at the Sphere with girlfriend and Canadian actress Taylor Russell.

Mere weeks later, the 29-year-old showed off his buzz cut again in an official photo while promoting his new fragrances by his beauty and apparel brand, Pleasing’s, which divided fans.

The reaction even caused his mother, Anne Twist, to defend the superstar, posting on Instagram at the time that "when you consider that H has a legacy of kindness and inclusion" she found it ironic that he was getting so much "negativity" and nasty remarks "for having a haircut".

However, on Wednesday his followers were left giddy after a new picture appeared on X, formerly known as Twitter, showing him sporting a grown-out crop.

The picture, which was originally shared by a private Instagram account and then re-posted by fan page HSD, showed Styles standing in a white button-up shirt while holidaying in the Caribbean.

His fans were left thrilled by the update, with one commenting: "Hide the scissors".

Another fan tweeted: "HOW DOES IT GROW SO FAST."

A third posted "the hair we are so back", while a fourth excitedly wrote "SHUT UPPPP I CAN RUN MY HANDS THRU HIS HAIRRRRRR."

Another quipped: "What hair serum you use to have your hair grow fast?"

Another joked: "Wondering if Harry styles shaved his head just to prove he could grow his hair back?"