Harry Styles' fans trend #RespectHarry after star is groped during concert

Harry Styles’ fans have been left enraged after a video clip of the star being groped during his latest performance appeared online.

The One Direction star was one of the many musicians to take to the stage for the ‘We Can Survive’ concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles last night [21 October], CBS Radio’s annual concert in aid of National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Harry was performing at the We Can Survive concert. Copyright: [Rex/ Twitter]
Harry was performing at the We Can Survive concert. Copyright: [Rex/ Twitter]

Harry, who recently concluded the North American leg of his debut solo tour, was partway through a performance of fan-favourite ‘Kiwi’ when a fan grabbed his crotch.

In the clip, the 23-year-old singer is on his knees in front of fans when the grope occurs, with a clearly startled Harry quickly pushing the fan’s hand away as he jumps up, although his performance doesn’t falter.

Speaking about the incident, an eye-witness shared: “Near the end of performing ‘Kiwi’, like usual, Harry went to the very front of the stage to get the crowd extra excited. He got down onto his knees and was shaking his arms to the music with his eyes closed.

“A fan then reached out and touched his crotch. He very quickly got up and appeared to also shove their hand a little bit to remove them faster.

“You can tell it freaked him out a little because as he continued performing, he avoided the section that fan was standing in.”

Harry pushed the fan’s hand away. Copyright: [Twitter]
Harry pushed the fan’s hand away. Copyright: [Twitter]

The star’s fans have leaped to his defence on social media, with #RespectHarry trending on Twitter as the girl who grabbed Harry was slammed for sexual assault.

They wrote:

Harry has enjoyed monumental success as a solo artist since One Direction went on hiatus at the end of 2015, with the singer’s debut solo album charting at number one across the globe.

He also won critical acclaim for his first Hollywood blockbuster role in Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’.

Yahoo Celeb UK have contacted Harry’s reps for comment.

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