Homeless man stalked Harry Styles after singer gave him food


Harry Styles has described how a homeless man found guilty of stalking the pop star left him feeling “scared” and “very uncomfortable”.

The Brit Award-winner was forced to deny offering Pablo Tarazaga-Orero money in exchange for going to a hotel on 10 March this year.

Styles said that he had offered the defendant food and money after seeing him sleeping rough at a bus stop near his home. He said he “felt sorry” for him.

Styles said that Tarazaga-Orero told him he was vegan and asked for some edamame beans which he didn’t think he could buy so late at night.

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Next day, Styles returned with sandwiches, salads and muffins from a vegan cafe, but decided to stop offering help when he became frightened by an “odd” incident.

The court was told Tarazaga-Orero, 26, slept ­outside the pop star’s house, and posted notes and money through his letterbox.

On Monday, Tarazaga-Orero was found guilty of stalking Styles between April and June.

Giving his evidence from behind a screen, Styles said: “He asked me if I wanted to go to a restaurant to eat. I told him I was on my way to work.

“I found it a little odd. His facial expression made me feel a little uneasy. It was like a smirk.

“Until that point, I never felt unsafe or uneasy in my own home.”

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Styles said his security staff advised him to cut contact, but claimed he continued to spot Tarazaga-Orero in the area most days.

He said Tarazaga-Orero had posted change to the value of £49.95 through his letter box, followed him into a local pub a number of times, and stopped him on a run in Regent’s Park asking for money.

Talking about how the alleged stalking continued to affect him, he said: “I never really encountered this kind of behaviour before.

“I’ve employed a night guard. I continue to lock my bedroom door at night.”

He also said he continues to check for “weak spots” in his home and added: "Very often in my job I see people on multiple occasions. I look at them slightly differently than I would like.

"I would like to feel safe again."

District Judge Nigel Dean said: "It would be fair for me to say at this stage that I found Mr Styles to be a reliable and credible witness.

"It seemed to me that he was doing his best to assist the court. I didn't find any major inconsistencies or shortcomings in relation to his evidence.”

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He added: "[Tarazaga-Orero] knew perfectly well that what he was doing at that stage amounted to harassment of Mr Styles.

"I'm quite satisfied that this behaviour had the effect of harassing Mr Styles."

Sentencing has been adjourned and Tarazaga-Orero has been released on conditional bail.