Harry Styles tweets and deletes a photo of Louis Tomlinson

Last night was pretty similar to any other night; we’d brushed our teeth, crawled into bed, and were having one last scroll through Twitter when BAM, Harry Styles tweeted something completely unexpected.

Yes, the former One Direction star sent his millions of followers into an absolute tizzy when his account quoted a random meme of Louis Tomlinson sipping on a milkshake.

Harry sent his fans into meltdown.
Harry sent his fans into meltdown.

Sent by @signofhs, the tweet showed a recent pic of Louis drinking the shake next to an older image alongside the caption: “then and now”.

Bizarrely, as well as retweeting the original image, Harry’s account added a url to the post – but the link was dead for 40 minutes, then a clever fan somehow managed to redirect the link to One Direction smut.


It was only once the redirect happened that the tweet got deleted, with Harry not acknowledging the mishap… But it was enough to send his fans wild, as they wondered what on earth was going on:

The tweet fuelled the popular One Direction belief that Louis and Harry are secretly in a romantic relationship and have been since the X Factor days, with fans affectionately dubbing the perceived romance between the two as ‘Larry’.

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