Harvey Weinstein Set to Make New York Court Appearance May 1

Harvey Weinstein will return to court on May 1.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office said Friday that Weinstein is expected to appear before Judge Curtis Farber on Wednesday, May 1 at 2:15 p.m.

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The court appearance will be the first for Weinstein since the New York Court of Appeals overturned his 2020 rape conviction earlier this week.

In the 4-3 ruling, judge Jenny Rivera wrote that the judge in the New York County trial prejudiced Weinstein with improper rulings, including allowing women to testify about allegations that were not part of the case.

The D.A.’s office did not indicate what Wednesday’s hearing would be about, but it reiterated its previous statement that “we will do everything in our power to retry this case.”

Some of Weinstein’s accusers responded to the ruling by declaring it “profoundly unjust.”

Even if Weinstein is released from New York State custody pending a new trial, he has also been convicted in California, meaning that he would likely be transferred to authorities in that state.

In a statement Friday, a spokesperson for the Manhattan D.A. said: “At the Manhattan D.A.’s Office, our Special Victims Division fights each and every day to center survivors, uplift their voices, and seek justice for these horrific crimes. Our mission is to center survivors’ experiences and wellbeing in every decision we make, which we will do as we approach the next steps in this case.”

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