Has Naughty Boy Been Throwing Shade At Zayn Malik On Twitter?

Naughty Boy and Zayn Malik are continuing to have more beef than your average hog roast, with the producer now taking to Twitter to seemingly throw a whole parasol of shade at the former One Direction member.

And so it continues…


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If you a) don’t remember, b) missed or c) simply tried to block out the events of the past few months, Maliko made everybody simultaneously lose their s**t when he unexpectedly slammed his supposed BFF NB on Twitter last month.

Reducing our chill levels to those emitted by the sun (AKA none), the Bradford Bad Boi took to his social media to write: “you fat joke stop pretending we’re friends no one knows you.”

Nope, we honestly didn’t see that one coming.


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Since then, Naughty Boy has been sending a tonne of cryptic messages, including one which read: “Sometimes, my greatest achievement is just keeping my mouth shut.”

However, it turns out he might not be so great at keeping his mouth shut after all, causing turmoil by sending another tweet which appears to be seriously shading Zayn after he dumped Perrie Edwards.


Taking to Twitter in the early hours of the morning, Naughty Boy wrote: “Grow up man. the world owes you nothing. It’s like you’re engaged to karma. & karma is a b***h.”


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In the least surprising news we’ve heard all month, Zayn’s fans were quick to hit back, with one writing: “instead of bashing on a guy who has more figures than you have fans why don’t you work on that non existent career of yours. [sic]”

Others slated him for not using the @ button to direct his tweet, with one user saying: “if your not afraid of him then why don’t you @ him? your a big man right? [sic]”



Zayn is yet to reply to the supposed dig, but it’s safe to say we’re pretty intrigued to read what he has to say.