Hate crimes on the rise in the Humber region having a 'toxic' impact

The amount of recorded hate crimes has risen in almost every part of the Humber -Credit:PA
The amount of recorded hate crimes has risen in almost every part of the Humber -Credit:PA

The number of hate crimes has risen in almost every part of the Humber region, official figures show.

Home Office data showed 531 racially or religiously aggravated hate crimes were committed in Hull in 2023 compared to 2022's 421, with East Riding offences rising from 131 to 158. Offences in North East Lincolnshire rose from 154 to 191 during the same period while they fell slightly in North Lincolnshire from 128 to 126.

A Humberside Police spokesperson said people who disrupt local communities with hatred and prejudice would not be tolerated and urged victims to come forward and report offences. Historic highs in hate crimes being reported to the police nationally come amid warnings from charities that antisemitism and Islamophobia are on the rise.


It follows Hamas' attack on Israel in October and the latter's ongoing retaliatory bombing and invasion of Gaza launched in its aftermath. Stop Hate Manager Bill Howe said the offences took their toll on affected individuals and had a toxic impact on them and their communities.

The number of hate crimes recorded across England and Wales roses from almost 76,000 in 2022 to almost 77,000 last year. Offences included assault, criminal damage, harassment and causing public fear, alarm or distress because of a person's race of religion.

In Hull, 24 offences committed throughout 2023 were assaults which left people injured compared to 12 in North East Lincolnshire, 10 in the East Riding and five in North Lincolnshire. A total of 51 offences in Hull were assaults which resulted in no injuries, with 19 in North East Lincolnshire, 14 in the East Riding and three in North Lincolnshire.

Offences which caused criminal damage totalled 12 in Hull, four in North Lincolnshire, three in North East Lincolnshire and one in the East Riding. Harassment of people over race or religion offences numbered 106 in Hull, 42 in the East Riding of Yorkshire and 40 each in North and North East Lincolnshire.

There were 338 offences which caused public fear, alarm or distress recorded in Hull, 117 in North East Lincolnshire, 91 in the East Riding of Yorkshire and 74 in North Lincolnshire. The proportion of offences compared to population was 197.5 per 100,000 people in Hull, 45.6 in the East Riding, 74.1 in North Lincolnshire and 121.1 in North East Lincolnshire.

Increases in the total number of offences recorded in Humber areas compares to rises of 5 per cent and 3 per cent in York and Sheffield respectively. Offences fell by 5 per cent in Leeds and went up by 95 per cent from 20 to 35 in West Lindsey and by 11 per cent from 57 to 63 in East Lindsey.

Last year more hate crimes were committed in Birmingham than anywhere else, a total of 3,370 offences, an 11 per cent rise since 2022. That included 213 racist or religiously motivated assaults that caused an injury to the victim.

Birmingham was followed by Manchester, 1,896 and then Leeds, 1,828. Stop Hate's Mr Howe said the impact of hate crimes was cumulative and corrosive.

The manager said: "t is important to remind ourselves, when looking at these statistics, that each of these numbers represents an individual, each with their own unique story and experience, whose day-to-day life had been severely impacted. They may be living in fear, whose mental health and general well-being is eroded by the behaviours of others; behaviours shaped, influenced and motivated by opinions, attitudes and beliefs which themselves have a toxic impact upon the individuals and communities targeted."

Humberside Police's spokesperson said hate crimes being reported more frequently was helping them to deal with unacceptable behaviour. The spokesperson said: "Nobody should have to live with the fear and anxiety that hate crimes cause.

"Hate crimes have a significant and long-lasting impact on not just victims, but their family, friends and communities too. When hate crimes happen, we urge people to report them so that we can follow them up. We will not tolerate people who disrupt our communities with hatred and prejudice."

Hate crimes can be reported to Humberside Police by visiting here or by going to the national hate crime website here. Victims can also call 999 in emergencies and 101 in non-emergencies.