Have you say: Should COVID rules change to allow vaccinated people to mix indoors?

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Nearly two-thirds of Britons would support a change to COVID rules allowing people who have been vaccinated to mix indoors.

A YouGov poll found 63% of people would back a change to the rules - including 19% who would strongly support such a move - that would allow people who have been fully vaccinated to mix indoors. 

The same poll found that around two in five people admit that they have already started socialising indoors, despite it currently being illegal

Currently, socialising indoors is not permitted unless under special circumstances including voluntary or charitable services, informal childcare assistance and providing emergency assistance.

Under Boris Johnson’s road map, indoor mixing will be allowed again from 17 May, but only according to the rule of six or the two-household limit. Indoor mixing is already allowed again in Wales.

Despite it being illegal to mix indoors, the poll found that many Brits are already socialising indoors again.

Two in five admitted that they have been socialising indoors, including three in ten (30%) who say it was only once or twice, while one in eight (13%) say it has happened more than three times.

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The YouGov poll found that two in five Brits admit having socialised indoors, despite it being illegal. (YouGov)
The YouGov poll found that two in five Brits admit having socialised indoors, despite it being illegal. (YouGov)

In April, Johnson urged people not to meet others from different households indoors over the Easter weekend, warning vaccines do not guarantee “100% protection” from coronavirus.

Overall, nine in ten people said they are following the rules very (46%) or fairly (44%) closely, while only 8% admit to not doing so, including 3% who say they’re not following them at all.

This varied depending on whether people have been vaccinated or not, with a third of those who haven't been jabbed (32%) saying they are following the rules very closely, compared with half of vaccinated adults (52%).

Younger people also tend to be more lax, according to the poll, with only a quarter of 18-24 year olds (24%) following the restrictions very closely, although half (51%) still say they’re following them fairly well.

When it comes to people over 65, three in five people (59%) say they follow the rules to very closely.

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