Hawk Landing on Car Roof Gives North Carolina Man Once in a Lifetime Moment

A man in Greensboro, North Carolina, couldn’t believe his eyes when a hawk landed on top of his vehicle, recently shared video shows.

Video filmed by Craig Linzy shows him opening up the sunroof shade of his car and panning the camera to a beautiful hawk. In the footage, the bird can be seen tapping on the roof of the car and staring at Linzy before flying away.

Linzy marveled at the hawk from within the safety of his vehicle, remarking that it was his “best video ever.” Credit: Craig Linzy via Storyful

Video transcript

CRAIG LINZY: Holy cow. Look at this. Just landed on the damn roof. There is amazing. He doesn't even know I opened up. Oh. This is crazy. Got a wing on there. The wing on there. Look at this thing. Just the best video ever.

He just came right to me. Oh. I can't see. I'm thinking he's still there. There he is. Magnificent. Oh. Where'd he go?

(CHUCKLING) Oh, my god.