Heartstopper viewers react to Olivia Colman cameo in new Netflix series

Heartstopper has arrived on Netflix, and fans are thrilled about Olivia Colman’s surprise role.

The series is an LGBTQ+ coming-of-age story following two schoolboys, Nick (Kit Connor) and Charlie (Joe Locke), based on Alice Osman’s graphic novel series of the same name.

Colman’s role as Nick’s mother Sarah has been a closely-guarded secret, with Osman and producer Patrick Walters shocked that they successfully bagged the Oscar winner for the role.

Osman told Metro: “I thought there was no way she would want to be part of this or anyone famous would want to be part of this. I was proven wrong!”

Fans of the source material were equally surprised, and took to social media to express their excitement, writing “OMG Olivia Colman plays Nick’s mum I’m dying that’s so freaking perfect – great casting Heartstopper”.

One fan wrote: “I just finished episode 1 and I’m sorry but THEE Olivia Colman is Nick’s mom?! Hello?! #Heartstopper.”

Another added: “LMAO wait how did @Netflix hide that Olivia Colman was in Heartstopper.”

“It’s Olivia f*cking Colman this cast is perfect,” another fan wrote. “She will make me cry a lot.”

‘Heartstopper’ follows teenage schoolboys Nick and Charlie. (Netflix)
‘Heartstopper’ follows teenage schoolboys Nick and Charlie. (Netflix)

“I personally think any show should have an Olivia Colman cameo without announcing it till the end just to make me scream and cry every time #Heartstopper,” wrote another.

Heartstopper is Lowe’s first onscreen role. He wrote on Twitter on Friday (22 April): “This opportunity changed my life. Being an actor has always been a dream of mind, and to have it come true by telling a story that really matters is amazing.

Hearstopper is queer joy, it is queer happiness, and it’s exactly what need to be made for queer people today,” Lowe wrote.