‘Heartwarming’: John Lewis Christmas advert moves viewers to tears

John Lewis has released its annual Christmas advert, leaving people in tears across the UK.

The advert, titled The Beginner, depicts a middle-aged man learning how to skateboard, tripping and tumbling along the way. He is then seen struggling with his minor skating injuries while he and his wife prepare for Christmas.

But the reason why the man is learning to skateboard does not become clear until the last few seconds of the advert. The couple open their front door to a woman, presumed to be a social worker, and a young girl named Ellie, holding a skateboard.

Ellie, who seems nervous at first, spots the man’s skateboard in the hallway, and they immediately bond over their shared hobby.

The John Lewis ad hopes to raise awareness of children in care and to “generate conversation and action around an often overlooked issue”.

People across the UK have reported being brought to tears by the advert, with many taking to social media to praise John Lewis.

Elliot Gonzalez said: “The John Lewis Christmas ad isn’t what I was expecting. No high concept, no big budget, no CGI, just a really lovely heartwarming story, which uses their platform to raise vital awareness for children in care.

“Well done @JohnLewisRetail. You’ve read the room right.”

Sarah Pehlps said: “me? oh, just doing some hefty sobbing at the John Lewis ad.”

Stephen Pollard said: “Bloody hell. As this ad went on I was thinking, ‘Ugh, another sentimental John Lewis Xmas ad, blah blah blah.’

“And then...the last few seconds. No more Mr Scrooge from me. What a brilliant ad, with an actual purpose to it beyond sales.”

Twitter user @WhatTheForkLads said: “Did not have the #johnlewischristmasadvert making this former child of the care system cry before 7am on today’s agenda.

“Never cried at an advert before. I will buy whatever skateboarding dad gimmick they release.”

OJ Borg said: “Oh come on John Lewis. Give a man time to wake up before you nail him through the soul. Beautiful.”

David Cochrane said: “John Lewis Marketing Department: what if, instead of promoting the wonder of Christmas and all of our wares and knickknacks, we just, and bear with us, make a whole host of grown-ass adults ugly-cry into their phones in early November… that’s the campaign.”