Heaven knows he’s miserable now: Morrissey shares morose-sounding tracklist for new album

Heaven knows he’s miserable now: Morrissey shares morose-sounding tracklist for new album

Morrissey has announced a new album, and it’s up for grabs to any label who wants it.

News of his forthcoming release, titled Without Music The World Dies, was shared via the musician’s Messages from Morrissey website on Monday (20 February).

According to the former Smiths frontman, the new record was recorded in France and features 10 new tracks, “described by [Morrissey’s co-writer and lead guitarist], Jesse Tobias as ‘a lightning strike’”.

However, the tracklist appears to give clues as to the overarching tone of the album – and it’s not a cheery one.

The ten tracks are listed as: “The Night Pop Dropped”, “Zoom Zoom The Little Boy”, “Boulevard”, “Headache”, “Without Music the World Dies”, “Suspicious Minds”, “Notre-Dame”, “Many Icebergs Ago”, “Happy New Tears” and “The Monsters of Pig Alley”.

As per the website, Morrissey wants anyone interested in releasing the new album to get in touch at an email provided.

The website reads: “Capitol Records Los Angeles recently terminated their contract with Morrissey, therefore if any record label or private investor has interest in releasing this project, please contact Donnie Knutson.”

The forthcoming album was produced by Morrissey’s long-term collaborator Joe Chiccarelli, who produced his last four records.

Morrissey, pictured in 2006 (Getty Images)
Morrissey, pictured in 2006 (Getty Images)

Morrissey has been trying to release a new album for a while now, originally announcing the record Bonfire of Teenagers in May 2021 through BMG Records.

After the label dropped him, Capitol Records took over, with Morrissey later announcing he would no longer be working with Capitol.

Earlier this month, the 63-year-old said that he was starting to believe that Capitol Records signed the record so they could “sabotage it”. The singer also claimed that he is “too diverse” for Universal Music Group.

“Capitol Records (Los Angeles) will not, after all, release Morrissey’s 2021 album Bonfire of Teenagers. At the same time, Capitol Records (Los Angeles) are holding on to the album,” the site claimed at the time.

“Although Morrissey officially signed to Capitol Records Los Angeles, there has been no mention of Morrissey on Capitol’s website or on their Artists roster.”

The Independent contacted a representative of Capitol Records at the time, but did not receive a response.