Heckler calls out Trump for taking millions from foreign governments while president

Donald Trump’s rally in Iowa was briefly derailed on Sunday when he was heckled by a protestor calling him out for accepting millions of dollars from foreign businesses while he was president.

“You’ve taken millions!” a female protestor could be heard shouting as Mr Trump took shots at his primary rivals on stage.

Boos from the crowd drowned out the woman before the former president taunted: “Go home to Mommy! Your mommy’s worried.”

Mr Trump later criticised the protestor, calling her “young and immature,” only to come face to face with even more heckling and booing that broke out when another protester could be heard calling Mr Trump a “climate criminal”.

Mr Trump recently admitted that his businesses had received millions in payments from China, Saudi Arabia, and other foreign governments while he was president.

The former president made the admission following a report by the House Oversight Committee which found his businesses had received $7.8m from at least 20 different countries.

Donald Trump’s rally in Iowa was derailed on Sunday (C-SPAN)
Donald Trump’s rally in Iowa was derailed on Sunday (C-SPAN)

The report also acknowledged that its findings were likely incomplete, covering just two years of Mr Trump’s presidency.

Mr Trump admitted the findings were true during a Fox News town hall last Wednesday, telling the hosts that it was “a small amount of money”.

“You know, it sounds like a lot of money. That’s small,” he said.

“I was doing services for them. People were staying in these massive hotels, these beautiful hotels. I don’t get $8m for doing nothing.”

A protestor accused Mr Trump of being a ‘climate criminal’ at a rally in Iowa on Sunday (C-SPAN)
A protestor accused Mr Trump of being a ‘climate criminal’ at a rally in Iowa on Sunday (C-SPAN)

The revelation comes at a time when Republican lawmakers are trying to impeach President Joe Biden, accusing him – without any evidence – of benefiting from his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings.

It also comes ahead of the Republican Iowa Caucus on Monday.

Mr Trump is currently leading in the primary polls with 48 per cent, while Nikki Kaley is in second place, polling at 20 per cent, and Ron DeSantis on 16 per cent, according to the latest survey conducted by NBC News, Des Moines Register and Mediacom.

The poll also showed that if Mr Trump and Mr Biden are pitted against each other in November, 43 per cent of Ms Haley’s supporters said they would support the latter.