Heidi Klum takes off her shirt on “Hot Ones ”to cool down from heat, stuns host Sean Evans

The set just got a lot hotter.

Leave it to Heidi Klum to crank up the heat on the Hot Ones set.

The television host and model joined Sean Evans to take on the wings of death in the latest episode — but despite the jar of buttermilk on hand, some of the sauces proved too hot to handle. After a taste of the Da Bomb hot sauce, Klum stunned an unassuming Evans by unbuttoning her denim top to fan herself off from the heat.

"Woah! Now I'm getting hot too, Heidi," a flustered Evans quipped.

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"That one is the kicker," Klum said.

As the spice settled in, an overcome Klum eventually removed her top and finished the rest of the challenge in just her bra. Da Bomb is the sauce that often leads to the unraveling of Evans' guests. Jake Gyllenhaal experienced a leg cramp, while Jennifer Lawrence sobbed and Anna Kendrick's ears popped.

The model made it to the final wing in her episode, celebrating the glory by striking a series of poses for each sauce.

<p>First We Feast</p> Heidi Klum on 'Hot Ones'

First We Feast

Heidi Klum on 'Hot Ones'

The show has yielded a number of viral and unforgettable moments, including Conan O'Brien's recent chaos-filled episode in April. His face smeared in hot sauce, O'Brien went viral for his excessive drooling and spewing milk from his mouth as he squared off against the wings. Lawrence's sheer panic and sobs ("What do you mean? WHAT DO YOU MEAN?") and Paul Rudd's calmness ("hey, look at us") have also become instant favorites that have been heavily memed.

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Elsewhere in her episode, Klum spoke about the scariest America's Got Talent audition, her most famous Halloween costumes, Germany's Next Top Model, and more. Watch the segment above.

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