Heinz launches new limited edition pink Barbie sauce - but shoppers are divided

Barbiecue sauce
The limited-edition pink vegan mayo with BBQ sauce is available this month -Credit:Heinz/Mattel

Heinz has unveiled a quirky new pink 'Barbiecue' sauce in collaboration with Mattel, causing quite the stir among shoppers. This vegan mayo creation is part of a limited edition release to celebrate Barbie's 65th anniversary.

The trend follows the "Barbiecore" movement that took off with last year's hit movie, and will see only 5,000 bottles available initially on heinztohome.co.uk from Monday (April 15) . Supermarket giant Tesco will start stocking the product from April 17, with other retailers like Ocado joining the fray in May, reports the Mirror.

Beetroot extract gives the sauce its distinctive pink colour, complementing the smoky taste. Thiago Rapp, Heinz's director of "taste elevation", said: "Barbie well and truly won the hearts of Brits all over again last year, and after seeing the reaction this sauce brought to our fans on social media, we knew we had to make it a reality.

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"We're always looking for ways to innovate and give our fans what they want, and we're thrilled to be able to bring this iconic partnership with Mattel to life," he added.

Ruth Henriquez, Mattel's head of consumer products, expressed her excitement about the collaboration. She said: "This partnership with Heinz opens up another avenue for Barbie fans to bring home the world of Barbie. Last summer, we worked quickly with Heinz to bring to life the prospect of a Heinz Classic Barbiecue Sauce in digital form, so it's now so exciting to be able to put the physical product into our kitchen cupboards."

Heinz and Mattel have teamed up to launch a limited-edition bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup, featuring the iconic Barbie logo. Priced at £3.39, the ketchup is sure to be a hit with fans of both brands. Some shoppers have already reacted to the new product, with one saying: "Pink mayo? I'll buy it simply as it's pink."

Another shopper was less enthusiastic, saying: "Saw it in Tescos today...looks revolting."