Helen Flanagan's 'scary' health issue that forced her to send kids away

Helen Flanagan
Helen Flanagan confirmed her July 2022 split from Scott Sinclair earlier this year -Credit:Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Actress Helen Flanagan has bravely revealed details of a distressing mental health episode that led her to making the decision to temporarily send her children away. She endured this very tough period following the end of her 13-year relationship with footballer Scott Sinclair in July 2022.

In an interview, Helen said: "I don't see it as a break-up, I see it as a divorce. We were together 13 years. But instead of processing it all, I threw myself into work and shut off my emotions. I just went into survival mode. Then it all came to the surface earlier this year and I was mentally and physically breaking down."

The ex-Coronation Street star started treatment for ADHD but unfortunately had a dire reaction to the medication which resulted in her experiencing a psychotic episode. A devastated Helen shared: "It was really sad and very scary. I was seeing things and I felt like I was in danger all the time."

She was not cognizant of what she was going through resulting in her nanny reaching out to her parents, Julia and Paul. They quickly realised something was wrong.

She ultimately made the decision for her kids to stay with them while she sought professional help. Helen said: "I wanted to do what was best for the kids and that was the right decision. I saw them every day because it was important for them to see me getting stronger," reports Birmingham Live.

Sadly, Helen was forced to step down from her role as Miss Scarlett in the travelling performance of Cluedo 2 due to health complications that prevented her from the extensive travel required. Helen stated: "I was having a breakdown, I couldn't have travelled alone. I needed my friends and family, and to be there for my kids."

Having started her acting career on Coronation Street as Rosie Webster at just nine years old, and starring in over 1,000 episodes by 2018, Helen Flanagan shared more about the decision to leave Cluedo 2. She admitted: "I was heartbroken. It was my dream job and I thought I'd ruined my career. But I knew I needed to deal with things so I wouldn't ever get to that place again."

As she opened up about her current romantic journey, Helen shared: "I went on a few dates. The people were lovely but I don't really like the idea of choosing a partner based on looks. I still believe in love and The One but I think I'll just go with the flow. I hadn't been on the dating scene for 13 years so it's like a whole new world."

Although finding it difficult to talk about the challenges of the past year, Helen continues her determination to tackle the stigma attached to mental health. From personal experience, she has seen how good can come out of the darkest times.

She disclosed: "I don't think I'd have worked on my relationship with Scott if it hadn't happened, so the time out changed everything for the better. I've always been open, it's partly my personality and partly my ADHD. I know I'm lucky. I've got beautiful children and lots of good things in my life. I hope talking might make someone feel less alone."