Is Helen George leaving Call the Midwife as Trixie?

Call the Midwife (BBC)
Helen George is one of six original Call the Midwife cast members to still be on the show, but viewers are worried she will soon exit. (BBC)

Call the Midwife's thirteenth season is set to end on BBC One this Sunday, bringing to a close the latest chapter for Trixie Aylward's and her fellow midwives story for another year.

The BBC drama has already had its fair share of goodbyes this series, the most shocking of which was the exit of Olly Rix as Trixie's husband Matthew Aylward. His departure from the programme has made some fans wonder if they will have to bid farewell to Helen George's Trixie in the near future too.

Here is everything that we know.

Is Helen George leaving Call the Midwife as Trixie?

Call the Midwife (BBC)
Call the Midwife series 13's penultimate episode saw Olly Rix's Matthew Alyward depart the show by moving to America after landing a property deal, fans fear Helen George's Trixie will follow him. (BBC)

George is one of six cast members to have appeared in the show since its debut in 2012, and her character has been through a lot of challenges over the years. Series 13 has seen Trixie at her most vulnerable, struggling with alcoholism and also dealing with her ever distant husband Matthew.

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This came to a head in the penultimate episode when Matthew revealed to Trixie that he was travelling to America for a property deal in New York City. He intended to go for a few months and shared his plans to make the move permanent, but Trixie was unsure whether or not to follow him.

Fans might be worried that George's Trixie is going to leave Nonnatus House for good, especially as reports have emerged that the show's finale will see the character depart to America to join her husband. However, it is understood not to be a permanent move.

Call the Midwife (BBC)
It is understood that Helen George will not leave the BBC series, the finale for series 13 will only see her leave to America temporarily to join her husband but she will be back for series 14. (BBC)

According to a report from The Mirror, George will return for series 14 so fans don't need to worry about having to say goodbye to her. A source told the publication: "This series ends with the firm impression that Trixie is off to America to start a new life with her husband and young step-son. But the good news is her trip will be fleeting, and Helen will be back to carry on next year."

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Hello! also confirmed ahead of series 13's debut that George would not be leaving the series, and that the door has been left open for Rix's return should he want to come back.

Call the Midwife has already been renewed for a further two season, which means that the show will continue to be on the air until 2026. The BBC confirmed series 14 and 15, but has not yet given further details about what fans can expect from the show.

Call the Midwife ends on Sunday, 3 March at 8pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.