Helen Hunt reveals the ‘sobering’ rejection of Twister sequel: ‘We couldn’t get a meeting’

Helen Hunt reveals the ‘sobering’ rejection of Twister sequel: ‘We couldn’t get a meeting’

Helen Hunt has spoken out about her unsuccessful attempt at getting a sequel to Twister made, claiming she and her collaborators were unable to spark producers’ interest.

The actor starred alongside Bill Paxton in the original movie in 1996. The pair played a separated couple who had to abandon their personal issues in order to help combat a series of violent tornadoes destroying Oklahoma.

Globally, the film made a total of $494.5m (£428m) during its theatrical run and was one of the most successful releases of that year.

However, Hunt has revealed that her aim to have a sequel made in recent years was not met with enthusiasm.

In an interview with The Guardian, the Oscar-winner explained that after working together on the film Blindspotting, Hunt and actor Daveed Diggs and writer Rafael Casal came up with the idea of an updated version of Twister.

This time, it would feature all Black and brown storm chasers, with Hunt, Diggs and Casal writing and Hunt in the director’s seat.

However, they were unable to get a meeting with anyone to discuss making the idea a reality. “It was literally July 2020,” she told the publication. “The United States was on fire with the beginning of a 400-year overdue racial reckoning; and #MeToo hadn’t been that long ago.”

“There were three of us, each representing a minority of our own, one of us having starred in the [original] movie and we couldn’t get a meeting,” she continued. “It was sobering.”

After some years away from public life, Hunt will starring in Eureka Day at the Old Vic, London later this month.