Helen Mirren, Kylie Minogue Barbies Released Ahead of International Women’s Day

Dame Helen Mirren said that she is “blown away” after seeing her likeness captured in a new Barbie doll, which Mattel is releasing this week ahead of International Women’s Day. The latest batch of role model toys also includes dolls for Kylie Minogue, Viola Davis and Shania Twain.

The release, also marking Barbie’s 65th anniversary, is part of the Barbie Dream Gap Project, which was launched in 2018 to challenge gender stereotypes and help “undo the biases that hold girls back from reaching their full potential,” according to Mattel. In addition to including these four famous women, this week’s new set of dolls includes creator Maira Gomez, of Brazil’s indigenous Tatuyo community; Mexican filmmaker Lila Avilés; German comic Enissa Amani; and Japanese model Nicole Fujita.

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“I am absolutely blown away by my Barbie,” Mirren said in a statement posted to her website. “To be chosen by Barbie as a Role Model is a huge compliment and something I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams happening to me at this stage in my life. It’s a very special thing, and something I can add to my list of my favourite achievements; becoming a Dame of the British Empire, having an Oscar, having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – and having my own Barbie!”

Mirren, who narrated Greta Gerwig’s 2023 blockbuster Barbie movie, praised the “intricacy and detail” of the doll, which sports her blue-haired 2023 Cannes red carpet look and holds an Oscar statue, which the actor won for her performance in 2006’s The Queen.

“I love that the Barbie doll is wearing one of my favorite ever red carpet looks, and it was the first time I’d ever had blue hair, and it felt so exciting,” Mirren continued. “I like to embrace theatrical fashion and the joy that having fun with fashion can bring, and I think that this joy should be age-less.“

International pop superstar Minogue also took to X on Wednesday to share an image holding her Role Model doll that references the outfit she and her doll wear in her “Padam Padam” music video, writing “Look at Padam Barbie!!!! 🥹❤️ Baby Kylie would NOT believe this is happening right now …. Thank you @barbie @barbiestyle @Mattel 😘😘.”

Twain, country music’s all-time best-selling female artist, shared a photo with her Role Model Barbie as well, writing, “Ladies and gentlemen… HER 🥹💗 I am honoured to be recognised as a Barbie role model –  I have my own one-of-a-kind Barbie doll!! Pinch me!! Thank you @Barbie and @Mattel for creating this reflection of me. I love her!! #Barbie #Barbie65 #IWD202.”

Previous Barbie Role Models have included YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, Olympic skateboard medallist Sky Brown, COVID vaccine developer Professor Sarah Gilbert, sprinter Dina Asher-Smith, boxer Nicola Adams, tennis player Naomi Osaka and Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti.

International Women’s Day, which aims to shine a light on global women’s rights issues including gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence against women, is on Friday, March 8.

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