Helen Skelton was spotted walking a giant 'dog' - made out of mop heads

This is the moment Helen Skelton and a giant animatronic ‘dog’ were spotted going for a ‘walk’. ‘Mop’, a giant Hungarian sheepdog, was in seen in London’s Battersea Park and measures three metres long and two metres high. It moves its head from side to side and shakes - but it is made from 300 old mop heads. Passers-by, including those walking their real pups, had to quickly stand back when Mop needed to shake off the mud from his walk. Taking over 2,000 hours to build, he was created by Bosch to mark the launch of the Unlimited 7 Aqua after a study of 2,000 adults revealed an average of 12 days per year – 46 minutes a day - is spent on time ‘sucks’ – like cleaning up after dogs and children, waiting for the washer or dryer to finish, or pairing socks. More than a quarter (26 per cent) of parents dislike cleaning up the mess kids make like picking up food from the floor after meals or wiping up muddy footprints – with the same percentage of dog and cat owners saying the same of their pet. A spokesperson for the brand, which is sending Mop the Dog around the country this April to help people save time cleaning, said: “We know there’s more to life than cleaning - that’s why we want to create products that make getting chores done a doddle.